Meet the Micro Scooters for kids – kick, push…kick, push…kick, push and glide


We are seriously impressed by these super-high tech credentials of these zippy little scooters. The creators of Micro Scooter have really thought about what kids to make it through the school run. These models can easily be used by children who have had no previous experience and have been receiving rave reviews from parents online.


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Here are the features of the Micro Scooter that we love:
    • Crafted from super lightweight but strong Aircraft-grade aluminium


    • Mini-micro range includes a non-slip rubber board for safety


    • Developed with the help of medical experts to make them ergonomic for little people


  • Shown to develop balance and coordination skills in young kids



Meet the Micro Scooters

MicroLight Scooter

Designed for kids aged 4-9, this model also includes a parent only folding mechanism for extra safety. The adjustable handle means that the scooter will adapt as your child grows. Aleso available in black

pink girls scooter


Micro Sprite

This light weight bike is great for beginners who are just starting out on a two wheeler model. You can see this agile little scooter in the video above.

silver micro scooter for kids

Micro Speed V2

This amazing new design comes with bigger wheels, wider deck and a Patented Shock Dampening System to make riding as safe and comfortable as possible for your little one. Think of it as the ultimate in scooter technology.

Micro Scooter speed V2

Micro Scooter Samsonite

Samsonite and micro scooter have collaborated to bring us the ultimate in travel luggage. If you want to make long trips a breeze or find a way of carrying gear to school this model is ideal.

travel micro scooter

Micro Compact Kickboard scooter

Based on the famous original kickboard this fun, three wheeled kickboard scooter suitable for older children and adults alike.

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