Dress Your Child Like….Rafferty Law

Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s eldest child, Rafferty, is turning into quite a stylish little gentleman. Here are the links to get his look:

1) BOSS KIDSWEAR Navy Waterproof Jacket

2) BOSS KIDSWEAR Grey Check and White Shirt

3) BOSS KIDSWEAR Black Zip Up Jersey Cardigan

4) SCOTCH & SODA ASHER Dark Wash Jeans

5) DIESEL ONLY THE BRAVE High Top Trainers

6) TIMBERLAND KIDS Khaki Messenger Bag


If you would like us to show you how to dress your child like a celebrity kid, email us at [email protected]


Get The Look: Pumpkin Patch Style

With Halloween only days away, celebs and their kids are getting ready for the spookiest day of the year along with the rest of us, filling up on jack-o-lanterns and investing in face paint from the paparazzi filled pumpkin patches of Los Angeles.

We love the autumn looks their kids are sporting and thought we ought to share them with you, let us know which look you like the most!


MUCHACHA Rabbit Print Light Scarf


DIESEL Leather Trainers

DIESEL Light Blue Jeans


SCOTCH & SODA Concert Inspired Shirt

MAYORAL Tweed Jacket

HUNTER Wellies

RARE THE KID Faded Jeans




HUGO BOSS Zip Up Hooded Cardigan

Our Jeanius Giveaway Entries

We got some great entries in our Jeanius giveaway, and by chance, the photos happened to hit some of the main themes of designer kids’ clothing for AW10!

First there was Jaden, whose mummy posted a picture of him in his favourite Mayoral Jeans, which she combined with a black cardigan and vintage style t-shirt, giving off that AW10 Relaxed Preppy Look.

Second to be included was Ry, who successfully rocked the AW10 New Age Indie Kid Look with his fringe, baggy jeans and trainers, a picture which reminded his mummy of the good old days at Birmingham Hummingbird (now the o2 Academy Birmingham) when she was an Indie kid herself….and Ry was just a lovely twinkle in her eye.

Finally, Freddy’s mummy posted his picture, showing us the AW10 Rock Look, complete with funky Union Jack tee!

Let us know what you think of these three cutie pies, and keep your eyes open for our next competition!

x The A&A Team

History of the Hoodie

The hood is a marvelous invention, perfect for keeping off the rain, protecting our little ears, and creating one of the most popular items of the modern wardrobe, The Hoodie.

The Hoodie is an item we all own, and an object of our wardrobe that encompasses all of our favorite adjectives: comfortable, cozy and casual.

The garment first came into play in the Middle Ages as part of Catholic monk’s tunics, which had long decorative hoods or ‘cowls’; however, the history of the specific style we wear today began in the 1930s, produced by the brand Champion, for workers cold storage warehouses.

The popularity of Champion’s design spread quickly and sportswear designers began to develop entire collections based around the clothing item. By the 1970s, the hoodie was a clothing classic, perfect for sports, camping, chilling, studying, layering, styling and so on…

In countries where children need not wear a uniform, it is the perfect back to school wardrobe piece, and for kids that do wear uniforms, it is a great cover-up on a cold fall day, so, in celebration of the back to school season (which is creeping up far to quickly) we picked out 8 of our favourite hoodies for your children from the world’s best kidswear designers:

1. D&G JUNIOR blue hooded zip-up jumper, £102.00

2. JOHN PAUL GALLIANO newspaper print hoodie, £72.00

3. RALPH LAUREN grey and navy striped hooded jumper, £82.00

4. LITTLE MARC JACOBS miss marc Jacobs jumper dress, £90.50

5. HACKETT red hooded jumper, £66.00

6. RARE THE KID grey hooded sweat top, £96.00

7. JUICY COUTURE regal blue velour tracksuit, £124.95 (only tracksuit top pictured here!)

8. DIESEL grey jumper with coloured print, £46.00

If your children love hoodies as much as we do, send us picture to [email protected] and we will post the picture of your hooded cutie on the Their Little Wardrobe section of our blog!

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