AlexandAlexa Father’s Day Feature: We profile your top celebrity dads

For a bit of fun this Father’s Day we thought we would profile our favourite celebrity dads. Fame,  fortune and good looks aside; each has made the time to better the lives of children in need – take a look you might be surprised.

 Here are our favourites, who are yours?

Celebrity dad brad pitt

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Brad Pitt

Father to: Maddox (12 years), Zahara (10 years), Pax (10 years), Shiloh (6 years) and baby twins Knox and Vivienne.

We love him for: Starring in the world’s most iconic contemporary films and supporting children in disaster zones such as Haiti and New Orleans.


Celebrity dad David Beckham

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David Beckham

Who: Super star footballer and pretty face.

Father to:Brooklyn (13 years), Romeo (10 years), Cruz (7 years) and baby Harper Seven.

We love him for: His super-human sporting prowess, Adonis good looks, killer style and for supporting children internationally in his role as a UNICEF ambassador.


Celebrity dad jamie oliver

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Jamie Oliver

Who: TV Chef and foodie revolutionary.

Father to: Poppy (10 years), Daisy (9 years), Petal (3 years), Buddy Bear (2 years).

We love him for: His generous use of Olive oil on everything, the national overhaul of school lunches and his work with disadvantaged youth, for which he has been awarded an MBE.



Will Smith on Fatherhood

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Will Smith

Who: Actor and rapper

Father to: Jayden (14 years), Willow (12 years).

We love him for: Unforgettable 90s hits, tear inducing block busters and helping inner city-kids reach their full potential.


We hope all dads are receiving a bit of celebrity treatment today and that you enjoyed our top four. Do you think someone else deserves to be added to the list? If so leave it in the comments below.  

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