BE OUR BUYER: Elfie clothing creates traditional looks which will delight children with fairytale touches


 Following the phenomenal success of their famous animal knits the ladies from Elfie have introduced their first full collection for girls, boys and babies. AlexandAlexa are so lucky to have secured some of this lovely collection for the ‘Be Our Buyer shoppers as this collection is sure to be highly coveted. If you love the vintage look and get excited about old-school craftsmenship you will love this nostalgic brand, made extra special with fairytale touches.

On Friday 29 June Elfie will be available at a very special introductory offer; access to the event is by email only so make sure you sign up today.


Pieces to make a dash for in the AW11 collection are the beautiful wool blend shirts for boys, the lovely little Shetland wool coats and animal jumpers in boys, girls and unisex styles. Get ready for a collection that will make your heart melt.

 Elfie collection preview


We had the pleasure of  interviewing one of the founders and designers, Victoria Roper-Curzon about the creation of Elfie…sounds like a fairytale in itself!


Our exclusive interview with the creators of Elfie:
Rafaela Van der Heyden & Victoria Roper-Curzon

Sisters and designers, Rafaela Van der Heyden and Victoria Roper-Curzon

On mischievous mice and grumpy frogs

Our Spanish granny used to knit us crazy and colourful cardigans which we remember were a lot of fun to wear.  We wanted to recreate that for new children, if cardigans were fun then maybe they would stay on!  …We think the Fred the frog is particularly funny as he’s a bit grumpy, but so he should be, he’s been caught and stuffed into a pocket by an ill-mannered child!

All our clothes are now made in Portugal and are made by wonderful women who are now friends

Last year my husband and I travelled many hours on bus to reach the woven factory high in the hills in a remote part of the country.  We had no idea what to expect, apart from a recommendation through a friend of a friend.  Once there, I was so thrilled at the incredibly quality and care in which these beautiful clothes are made.  All the ladies genuinely love their craft and were proudly showing off one dress after another.  My poor husband who was only there to keep me company, and not very interested, had to wait a long time in the next door bar!

Our clothes are made to be handed down and played in so are made to the highest quality

Most of the fabrics come from the UK and the rest from Europe.  Our look is Vintage England so we adore the heritage materials such as tweeds, Liberty florals and ‘Farmer’ checks.

Here are a few of our favourite things!

Of course we love them all, but the one piece that we are really obsessed about is the ‘Perry’ coat.  The mustard colour tweed with the brown leather buttons is really old school and looks amazing with skinny jeans and converse or equally dressed ’60′s style’ with colourful tights and dolly shoes

Sisters working together

It works incredibly well as we can be as mean as we like to each other and get away with it!…. Not really!…Its ideal, especially as Rafaela is the brain and I’m the creative (although she’s really arty too) and we leave each other to do their side but also happily cover each other.  There are two very naughty children also involved and I don’t think anyone else trying to work would put up with them, as their Aunty Raffy does!


Smitten? Sign up today for your chance to shop Elfie’s premier at 50% off in our exclusive ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event this Friday 29 June. If this little range melts your heart you can vote for it to join the permanent collection at AlexandAlexa.



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