BE OUR BUYER: Nununu! Cool urban styles for kids to make a fuss in


Nununu’s urban apparel follows  the idea that kids should be seen and heard.   Designed and made in Israel, this brand is just starting out in the UK and we couldn’t resist shouting about it. If you’re into kidswear clichés you won’t find them here. Nununu is taking part in AlexandAlexa’s Be Our Buyer shopping event – where you will have an opportunity to try this brand for yourself with an introductory offer.


On Friday 29 June registered shoppers will have a chance to try Nununu  in a secret shopping event, you can only access the event via an email link from us so make sure you sign up today!


SIgn up for be our buyer

As well as cheeky slogans and original prints the collection focuses on easy-dressing, creating pieces that even the littlest children can put on themselves. The collection is made from 100% cotton and the whole manufacturing and design process is done end to end at Nununu HQ.

Nununu collection preview



We thought who better to do our collection preview than two discerning little fashionistas. We sent a couple of Nununu slogan Tees to Suzanne Peters, blogger, mother and founder of the Kids Style Junkie blog. Her adorable twins Roxie and Minnie (age 5) were more than up for giving us a closer look at Nununu and we think they made fantastic little brand ambassadors.


——————————Guest blog spot begins——————————–


So I was a very lucky little blogger as the lovely people at AlexandAlexa asked me to choose a line to review for their fabulous Be Our Buyer event.

I selected NUNUNU. The brand is all about TWEE-FREE clothes – much like Kid Style Junkie. I simply HAD to have it!

The brand creates clothes for kids ages 0-8, all with an urban/deconstructed/edgy yet baby-soft feel to them. A great combo. The line covers play-suits, hats, tees, skirts, diaper-covers, leggings, cardigans and hoodies.

Colours are generally muted, but there’s also a bit of fluoro, a bit of print, and quite a lot of slogans. Roxie had ‘Control Freak’ and Minnie ‘High Maintenance’. Hmmm – never a truer word spoken in… fashion.

ROxie and Mini



Now I’m usually a staunchly SLOGAN-FREE-ZONE – but these ones worked for me. Let’s get up close…


Distressed detail on the hem of the T-shirt sleeve

In fact – when the girls wore the tees to their School Fete that day, if I had a penny for everyone that said – “chip off the old block then….” I’d be..erm…rather LOADED. I might also add, that this comment was promptly followed by “WHERE did you get them – I LOVE them…”. So I kinda knew I was onto a bit of a winner.

I love this tee so much it makes me want to JUMP JUMP JUMP


The brand sells worldwide – but are not yet in the UK. You BEAUTIFUL people can change that with BOB. So, get your wallets out and your manicured fingers busy…..

Suzanne aka Suki P has been blogging about style and motherhood since last year and is already a player in the UK Mum blogger scene. She describes herself as being on a mission to rid the world of twee unsightly things! Her blog Kid Style Junkie regularly features her stylish finds for kids aged 0-10. She has been featured by the likes of the Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine and Socialite Family.


Kids’ basics with this much attitude aren’t always easy to come by so make sure you take the opportunity to sign up to our secret shopping event this Friday 29 June. If you decide to vote for Nununu to join AlexandAlexa this fantastic brand will become easily accessible to lucky parents worldwide.

SIgn up for be our buyer

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