Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: Nature

Before the camera and the ease of airplanes the Victorians were fascinated with presenting nature, opening gigantic taxidermy museums stuffed with exotic animals, beautiful glass structures housing tropical plants and butterflies, pretty water colours depicting bursting bouquets or elephant tusks to hang one’s dress coat on .

For SS11 not much has changed, although less brutal than the Victorians, fashion designers have enthusiastically used prints inspired by nature, wild flowers, leaves, country fields,  jungles and an assortment of exotic animals. Marimekko, the Finish company famous for their brightly coloured prints and simple styles in the sixties and seventies, is the inspiration for lots of the textiles for SS11, as is Liberty of London and references to artists such as Craigi Aitcheson’s and Henri Rousseau’s depiction of animal life. If print isn’t for you or your child, then another inspiration is outdoor wear, smart leather hiking boots, straw and canvas satchels for that country walk, giant sunhats, or multi-purpose belts and waist bags so your little one can carry all of your essentials!

PAUL SMITH Jumpsuit with Belt *

CARAMEL BABY Peacock Trousers *

SCOTCH & SODA Floral Shirt

CARAMEL BABY Pink Bugidy Bug Top *

VILBREQUIN Elephant Print Swimshorts

VANS Leopart Print *

*- Get these items before anyone else by pre ordering via [email protected]!

Words by Junior Magazine Fashion Editor, Matthew Holroyd

Little Fashion Week

Though some of you parent fashionistas may be sick of the Fashion Week tweets, posts and facebook news, those that aren’t, our lovely AlexandAlexa.com Newsletter featured the best kidswear designers from the fashion capitals hosting the four fashion weeks in the States and in Europe.

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But if you missed it, here are they Fashion Week picks for your little ones:

NEW YORK – Designer Highlights on American brands DKNY and RALPH LAUREN

PARIS – Designer Highlights on French brands CHLOE and DIOR

LONDON – Designer Highlights on English brands BURBERRY and PAUL SMITH

MILAN – Designer Highlights on Italian brand Dolce & Gabanna Junior

If They Will Wear It, They Will Eat It!



If your kiddies get bored with or refuse to finish their food, one way to liven’ things up is to turn an ordinary lunchtime sandwich into something special with the help of Funky Lunch.

Funky Lunch has received global publicity by creating a book that teaches parents how to make healthy exciting lunches for their kids that are sure to keep meals interesting and help your children to enjoy a wider range of foods.

The idea is, to create something your kids’ will be interested in, their favourite cartoon character, animal, shape, sport ect…so, we thought we’d help you out by adapting the Funky Lunch Motto, and giving you some inspiration, because we figure, if they’ll wear it, they’ll eat it.

MONNALISA White Glitter Daisy Tee



D&G JUNIOR Baby Lion Tee






PAUL SMITH Organic Blue Train Shirt



FABRIC FLAVOURS Enormous Crocodile Shirt



PAUL SMITH Robot Sandwich


You can purchase a personalized copy of the Funky Lunch book online or find an unsigned copy on Amazon or your local Waterstones store.

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