Tatler Magazine’s Tiny Tykes Gift Guide

Tatler Magazine featured Alexandalexa.com in their Tiny Tykes Gift Guide! Check out Tatler’s top designer pics for your lucky little lad, it may just help make that dreaded Holiday shopping a great deal easier.

Tatler Magazine’s Favourite ‘Little Lad’ Gifts From Alexandalexa.com

M. SASEK ‘This Is London’ Book, £10.99

VILAC Giant Skittles With Stripes, £41.00

CARAMEL BABY Striped Green & Olive Jumper, £65.00

Lookbook Giveaway: Stina’s Top 5

Stina from Denmark’s TOP 5 entry in the Alexandalexa.com Lookbook Giveaway!

To vote for Stina, leave a comment below, or, make a TOP 5 LIST of your own by following the directions here.

The winner of the Alexandalexa.com Lookbook Giveaway will receive a pair of Hunter Wellies OR Baby Crawlers (winner’s choice).

STINA’S TOP 5 for daughter Lienette:

1. D&G JUNIOR Denim Dress, pg. 50 (£286)

2. TORRES Grey Baby Coat with Velvet Trim, pg. 66 (£65.00)

3. KID BY PHILLIP LIM, Cocoon Chunky Cardigan, pg. 70 (£161.50)

4. LITTLE MARC JACOBS Lake Blue Dress, pg. 90 (£148.50)

5. CHLOE Wollen Peg Let Trousers, pg. 70 (£77.00)

Pitti Bimbo, Day 1

Hot, hot, hot, if you thought it was hot in London this weekend, you should try running about in a busy tradeshow in +38 weather, glamour was all but lost on us as we attempted to look cool and sweat free in the Europe’s largest  tradeshow.

09:00 – We stop at a cafe and have some Zaletti’s and an iced cappuccino for breakfast, it’s too hot for warm drinks!

09:30 – We arrive at the show and head straight to see Mr. Roberto Cavalli, which is always an exciting booth full of amazing clothing, we sample some yummy cakes before settling down to make our order – his Spring Summer 2011 collection is classically Cavalli, with lots of leopard prints in various colours, as well as baby pinks and fresh white for girls. His boys line is full of stylish jeans, fitted summer blazers and great tops…we can’t wait for next spring to get this all in stock!

11:15 – Next up is Baby Graziela where we order some amazing dresses and shoes for little girls, as well as some cute checked outfits that are going to look so sweet on baby boys!

12:20 – We take a break for lunch and venture out into the intense heat. Panini’s seem like an obvious choice (even though they are HOT!) so we order two and some ice cold water and enjoy the excitement of people passing buy as we eat in the cool shade. The Panini’s are of course followed up by Chocolate Gelato, you can’t go to Italy and not have at least one!

13:32 – Shoes, shoes and more shoes, we visit new Alexandalexa.com brand Bumper to add to our shoe collection in a serious way!

15:00John Galliano is up next and his eccentric theatrics have not escaped his SS11 presentation, with oversized gasoline pumps, pink vintage convertables and bowling pins decorating the area. His SS11 collection is a playful 50s theme with his signature gazette print on girls and boys outfits. His girls collection is seriously girly while his boys collection is a bit more casual and sports inspired…the whole collection is a bit like a wardrobe for mini Grease with a Galliano twist.

16:15 – Cute Cats, florals and amazing pink/turquoise prints meet us at Little Paul & Joe and we buy loads of cute shirts, skirts, shorts and jeans, plus something a little un expected from the brand….a bikini!

17:45Caramel Baby & Child is nextand we order some great liberty prints, pieces in fushia, pink, yellow and blue, and lots of cute dresses!

19:00 – We do an order with another new brand we will be carrying for Autumn Winter 2010, Monnalisa, and find out they are holding a fashion show in at 9:30, plenty of time, right? But they have such a great collection, we spend agesgoing through each gorgeous piece, trying to choose the best of the best for A&A.

20:00 – We go out for a quick dinner before the fashion show and indulge in some yummy pasta and each enjoy a glass of Italian wine, like they say: when in Rome/Florence eat like the Italians eat!

21:30 – We finish eating and enjoy the cooler evening weather as we walk back to the show and take our seats just as it is about to start. Cute kids come strutting down the runway in some fabulously detailed Monnalisa kit. We love their cute and casual style which is an interesting mix between dapper digs and beach style that really works in kidswear. It is almost a Scandinavian look mixed with French style, while the girls are looking cute as can be in floral and heart fabrics, tiered dresses and amazing accessories, the boys are dressed in smart casual wear, creating a great overall look.

22:30 – The show is over and we say our goodbyes to the other buyers and editors, it’s time to head back to the hotel room and rest our sleepy heads….stay tuned for day two! Yawwwn….

Mini Model: Nikol


With every photoshoot, we meet a new mini model, but we also get to spend time with some of our favourites, including our June Magazine cute covergirl, Nikol, who is not only wise beyond her years, but an interesting, creative and sweet little girl.

Nikol made time for us after her homework was finished to tell us about herself, her aspirations, and what it is like to be a mini model:


Age: 8

Country of Birth: England

How long have you been modelling and what made you decide to be a model?

I have been modelling for two years and it kind of happened by accident. My mum sent in a picture and then all of a sudden I was a model!

What is the best thing about being a model?

What is best about being a model is that I get to meet so many new people every time I do it and I get to make so many new friends. And I get to go cool places and do fun things. Like at the last Alexandalexa photoshoot in Jersey, when it wasn’t my go, I had so much fun digging holes in the sand until they filled up with water and just getting a bit mucky. I also liked playing with the little dog Rosie, she looked like Toto from The Wizard of Oz, she was so sweet.

What is your favourite outfit you wore on the last Alexandalexa.com photo shoot you did in Jersey?

The one with the bag , the gold skirt and the sparkly shirt, it was so cool. (Nikol was wearing Antik Batik’s Lidy Kid Skirt, White Sequin Flower Top, Bongo Sandals and Lulu Black Bag)

What kinds of clothing do you like to wear at the weekend?

It depends on how I am feeling. If I am going to ride my bicycle with my cousin then I just wear a   track suit, if I am feeling really natural and girly I wear pretty dresses with flowers, and if I am feeling a bit silly, I dress all miss matched like Pippy Long Stockings and jump on my bed!

What is your favourite kind of music and who is your favourite band?

I like pop and rock, but my favourite band is the Beatles, their music is so cool, sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow, but it is all so good, I love it!

What is your favourite book?

Alice in Wonderland, I love Alice in Wonderland.

What is your favourite food?

My mum’s Chocolate soufflé, she is such a good cook, I love everything my mum makes.

What is your favourite colour?

Anything in the light blue family, like turquoise, baby blue, sky blue, powder blue, just blue!

What languages do you speak?

I speak English of course and Bulgarian because my parents are Bulgarian and right now I am learning French in school.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an artist, I love to draw, I like to sketch ladies with wings. My dad is an artist too so I learn a lot from him.

What is your favourite subject in School?

Literature, I am writing a book right now, it is kind of like Lord of the Rings but not a scary, it is more like Lord of the Fairies, it’s all about Fairies.

What kinds of things to you do on the weekends when you are all done your homework?

All sorts of things! I love just having a lazy breakfast and doing my art or writing. My parents aren’t that organized so sometimes my mum says (mimicking her mother’s Bulgarian accent) “today we are cleaning the whole house”, but I don’t mind, I kind of like cleaning, my mum can make it fun.

Here is Nikol having fun on the shores of Jersey in her most recent photoshoot with us:


If there are any questions, you or your aspiring mini models would like to ask Nikol, or want to let us know what you think of this interview, leave a comment below!

Caramel Baby & Child Kite Making Day

If you are looking for something fun to do tommorrow as part of your half term activites with the kids, Caramel Baby & Child are inviting kiddies to come down to their shop locatd at 259 Pavilion Road, Kensington, London SW1X 0BP, between 11AM and 1PM to make a beautiful decorative kite, ideal for adding a touch of colour to a bedroom wall or as a gift for Father’s day!

If you are interested in taking part, email [email protected]!

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