’s Lookbook Giveaway


Our Autumn Winter 2010 Lookbook is now online! And to celebrate the launch, we are announcing the Lookbook Giveaway for the AW10 collection! 


Those who partake will enter themselves in for a chance to win a pair of Hunter Wellies for kids OR a pair of beautiful baby crawler shoes (of your choice). 

To enter, all you have to do is create a ‘My Top 5’ list from the lookbook and post your list in the comments below! 

You can make your list with items from baby, boy or girl, or a mix of each group, whatever combination applies to you and your little ones (or little ones to be!). 

Please list each clothing or footwear item with designer name and product name as well as the page number on the lookbook you found it on! 

We will post your list on the facebook page and our Facebook fans will choose the winning entry! 

Don’t forget to “like” our fan page here to find out how your list is doing! 

Contest closes July 31, 2010

7 Responses to “’s Lookbook Giveaway”

  1. Stina Hansen says:

    Here are my 5 favourites from your lookbook for my little girl!

    1. D&G JUNIOR Denim Dress, pg. 50
    2. TORRES Grey Baby Coat with Velvet Trim, pg. 66
    3. KID BY PHILLIP LIM Cocoon Chunky Cardigan, pg. 70
    4. CHLOE Wolles Pegleg Trousers, pg. 77
    5. LITTLE MARC JACOBS Lake Blue Dress, pg. 90

    (P.S Loving ALL the Chloe stuff!)
    Herning, Denmark

  2. Laura Beaton says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous lookbook – I can’t wait for the collections to arrive!

    Here are a few of my favourites for my little girl:

    1. Monnalisa Black & White Betty Dress with Tassels, Page 8
    2. Little Marc Jacobs Gemstone Mouse Pumps, Page 20
    3. Chloe Leather Bag, Page 59
    4. Cacharel Giverny Pinky Flower Print Dress, Page 69
    5. Cacharel Pale Blue Pea Coat, Page 102

    Laura x

  3. Amanda Hutchings says:

    What a beautiful collection, here are my favourites but I could easily choose lots morefor my daughter!

    1. Monnalisa Black and White Betty Dress with Tassles pg 8
    2. Little Marc Jacobs Ink Blue Coat pg 29
    3. Cacharel Giverny Pinky Flower Print Dress pg 69
    4. TORRES Grey Baby Coat with Velvet Trim pg 66
    5. Rachel Riley Coral Slippers pg 29

  4. Eleanor says:

    It is so hard to choose, there are lots of lovely pieces in the AW10 collection

    1. D & G Junior Minnie Mouse Denim Dress Page 45
    2. Burberry Check Dress Page 35
    3. Chloe Short Knitted Cardigan Page 74
    4. Chloe Tiered Satin Dress Page 74
    5. Chloe Baby Pyjama Romper Page 76

  5. shafara says:

    1. BURBERRY Printed Smock Dress Page 105
    2. REBERTO CAVALLI Pink Romper Page 106
    3. JUICY COUTURE Dark Denim Jeggings Page 89
    4. CHLOE Baby Pyjama Romper Page 76
    5. D & G JUNIOR Minnie Mouse Denim Dress Page 45

  6. hailey says:

    1. D & G Junior Denim Dress Page 56
    2. Kid by Phillip Lim Cocoon Chunky Cardigan Page 77
    3. Paul Smith Wollen Shorts Page 65
    4. Chloe Baby Pyjama Romper Page 76
    5. Diesel Light Wash Skinny Jeans Page 84

  7. george basadim says:

    1. Dress coat with satin bows p. 7
    2. Stripped knitted dress p. 9
    3. Dark wash slim fit jeans p. 11
    4. Classic fleece lined fold down boots p. 16
    5. Ink blue coat p. 29

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