Culinary Delights For Bonfire Nights

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In the northern hemisphere chilly nights and dimming days call for their own special kind of comfort food. The classic Bonfire is a seasonal treat that we all look forward to. Here are a few inspired culinary traditions to make it extra special.



Simply Sweet Smores

Traditionally a treat for summer campfires, Smores, as they call them in the USA are just too delicious for us to not be thinking about in autumn. These wonderful melt in your mouth creations are made from a combination of graham crackers (very similar to a British digestive biscuit), marshmallows and chocolate. You can find fabulous variations all over the web but basically assembly goes something like this.

  1. Skewer and roast one marshmallow over an open flame until it starts to melt and turn brown.
  2. Sandwich the marshmallow, and a piece of chocolate in-between two halves of a graham cracker.
  3.  Allow the marshmallow to cool for a moment before consuming!



Delicious Campfire Damper

Damper is a delicious Soda bread treat from Australia. Originally a camp-side snack for cowboys it is now a family favourite at campsites across Australia and New Zealand. The crusty bread is cooked around a stick in the campfire ashes before being topped with honey and butter.

You might want to keep your first attempt to the oven. Try Kid Spot Kitchen’s oven Damper recipe.



Too-Good Toffee Apples

Who can imagine a childhood without toffee apples, a little awkward to eat but impossible to resist. A traditional English addition to the fall culinary calendar, they are actually very easy to make. Avoid stirring the sugar while it cooks as it could crystallise and pick a smaller apple variety for little people to get their jaws around. We found this highly rated recipe on BBC good food.



The lovely picture of the Toffee Apples is courtesy of American Blogger, Leigh Anne Wilkes and her blog Home Based Mom.



Try these recipes out and let us know how you go or feel free to post your own recommendations in the comments below. If you fancy a side of fashion with this story take a look at our favourite kids’ winter warmers, including hats, scarves, jumpers and jackets.



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