BE OUR BUYER: These boots were made for walking…and crawling

Cowboy Jack

There’s a new character in Hollywood – we call him Cowboy Jack.

This week AlexandAlexa will be featuring a range of premium leather cowboy boots designed especially for kids, in their ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event.  Made in the USA, Cowboy Jack is already a hit with the Hollywood celebrity set with the children of Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum already fans. Mum will know how fun it can be to rock this style – so we weren’t surprised when the Cowboy Jack team told us their mini fans often refuse to take them off.

These styles have only just arrived in the UK also come in super-cute baby sizes, available for children from 9 months.

On Friday 29 June, Cowboy jack boots will be available on AlexandAlexa with a very special introductory offer; access to the event is by email only so make sure you sign up today!



Cowboy jack collection preview

When wearing the cowboy boot don’t think you need to limit yourself to a head to toe country get-up.  Trust us, the Cowboy boot is extremely versatile especially with the colour selection you will find from Cowboy Jack. The coloured styles are enough to make a feature on their own or choose classic shades for a ‘go with anything’ option. We were inspired by the way Jessica Alba has teamed her daughter’s Cowboy jack boots with a contrasting sundress for the ultimate pretty tomboy look.

Honor Marie rocks her Cowboy Jacks when out with mother Jessica Alba

Heidi Klum and little Leni have gone for a much bolder look (not suprising when Mum has such amazing fashion cred. The colours may be bold and the dress is wild but the obvious quality of Leni’s boots make this fun look work.


Heidi Klum and little Leni both love making a style statement

Heidi Klum and little Leni both love making a style statement


Both of these Cowboy Jack styles will be featured in this week’s secret event. Make sure you sign up today for your chance to nab a pair at an amazing 50% off. If you love this look, vote for Cowboy Jack to join the permanent collection at AlexandAlexa.




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