BE OUR BUYER: Furious Kingston the clothing brand made especially with little boys in mind

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Consistently Australian designers have been churning out quality kids clothing with a really fresh design approach Furious Kingston is no exception. These sweet styles for little gents will charm you with their vintage inspired details and amazing fabrics, but you will also love the way that every little detail is designed especially with boys in mind.  AlexandAlexa is delighted to be featuring Furious Kingston in this week’s secret ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event, where you can sample exciting new brands with an amazing 50% off introductory offer. Be Our Buyer shoppers were requesting more dedicated boy brands and we think Furious Kingston fits the bill perfectly.



On Friday 20 July registered shoppers will have a chance to try Furious Kingston in a secret shopping event, you can only access the event via an email link from us so make sure you sign up today!

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Furious Kingston Collection Preview

Furious Kingston believes that boys’ clothing deserves a special treatment. Instantly you notice the thoughtful little details that make this collection meet the unique needs of little fellas. Every little boy needs one of this brands letterman inspired jackets with real suede elbow patches for rough-and-tumble play. All the jeans are made extra thick denim, with 90% cotton to withstand wrestling on the floor.

We know you guys love hats so we have made sure to secure as many of Furious Kingston’s fantastic styles as we can, expect Fedoras, trilbies, flat caps and chunky knitted beanies.

The team are also committed to creating styles without the clichés. Little boys love butterflies as much as girls so the moth skeleton tee was created, a great alternative to this season’s popular skull motif.


Even the construction and sizing of these garments has considered the unique needs of growing boys. Extra space has been factored in to allow for growth spurts and sizes 1-3 years include room for nappies.


If you have been looking for a label that has boys at the heart of us why not support Furious Kingston in this Friday’s shopping event. Make sure you sign up to ensure you are sent email access.

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