BE OUR BUYER: Kids’ essentials in ice cream colours by Shampoodle

Shampoodle girls collection

This hip Stockholm based brand Shampoodle, has produced a delightful range of kids’ summer essentials in sorbet shades. Their ergonomic design seeks to give children freedom to move and therefore freedom to play. Shampoodle will be part of the this week’s exclusive ‘Be Our Buyer shopping’ event, hoasted by AlexandAlexa, where you can pick up this brand at a special introductory 50% off price.

On Friday 20 July 2012 registered shoppers will have a chance to try Shampoodle in a secret shopping event, you can only access the event via an email link from us so make sure you sign up today!

Swedish brands for children are renowned for their great design. Look for quirky details such as ruffles, peg-leg cuts and high waisted styles to give casual dressing a fashion edge. The flagship shampoodle tracksuit with funky peg-leg design is the labels most popular piece and is sported by kids all over the world.




Discover the rest of these mix and match basics on Friday 20 July. Make sure you sign up today to get exclusive email access.


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