BE OUR BUYER: Traditional smocked dresses for little girls by Annafie

ANNAFIE smocked dresses for girls

Annafie frocks are dresses that your little girl will keep to show her own daughters. The hand finished dresses; designed by Countess Von Kospoth, combine traditional smocking techniques with fresh contemporary colours and prints. This weekend you will have a chance. This weekend is your chance to treat your little girl to one (or more) of these lovely creations at an introductory price and if you love it, vote for it to join AlexandAlexa. Registered shoppers can also choose from Annafie’s cashmere cardigans, baby boy rompers and pretty blouses.

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Read on to find out about a truly special children’s collection…..

Annafie smocked dress

Annafie smocked dress

The Countess was inspired whilst on a shopping trip to Paris with her own daughter to create the Annafie collection.  As a mother herself she knew the importance of complimenting timeless styles with easy care, which makes Annafie exquisite but also wearable.  Each dress comes with hand embroidered details on the smocking in charming motifs. Although the techniques employed are nostalgic the fresh spring colours and use of fresh prints like Liberty print floral and candy pinstripes keep them fun and contemporary.

ANNAFIE Blue smocked dress

You can easily imagine little Annafie fans gracing the gardens of any grand country estate. Indeed these are posh frocks, taking the starring role in a recent charity fashion event held by the Chelsea Women’s Club in London. Every woman remembers a dress like this from her childhood, why not gift your daughter (or son, in case of the rompers) to one of her own.


If you would like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to try Annafie at a discounted price, sign up to this week’s ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event. If you agree that these are dresses to treasure for ever, vote for them to join the permanent collection at AlexandaAlexa.


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