Sophie La Girafe: The status teething toy that took the world by storm

AlexandAlexa are pleased to welcome a cute new addition to our team. In her native France more than 800,000 of these charming family pets are adopted every year, almost matching the national birth rate. She’s taken a ride in the designer bags of Hollywood’s most recluse celebrities and boasts a 5 star rating on Mumsnet. No she isn’t a designer pug – she’s a rubber toy for your baby to chew, suck and toss on the floor.


Sophie La Giraffe celebrityCelebrity Sophie the giraffe


Read on to discover what all the fuss is about.



Every once and a while a toy comes along which takes becomes a parenting phenomenon. Sophie La Girafe has always been a popular choice in France where she originated in 1961, but it wasn’t till she arrived in Hollywood that her career really took off.  It was exclusive Hollywood boutiques which first recognised the potential of the teething toy, so it was celebrity mothers who became its first American fans. Popularity for Sophie spread like wildfire amongst a new generation of mothers who turned online first for advice.  Soon mothers in the know from the Bay to New York were raving about her, touting her as an indispensable aid for tackling the traumas of teething babies. America was hooked and Sophie became Amazon’s bestselling baby toy of all time, with a supply crisis erupting during French general strikes.

Sophie the giraffe

Mothers who have bought Sophie agree that she lives up to the online hype and her premium price tag. Her non-toxic, all natural appeal has struck accord with parents worried about the safety credentials of cheaper alternatives. Made in France, Sophie is created using all natural rubber derived of the Hevea tree, her pretty spots and sweet pint checks are applied with non-toxic food paint.


Mumsnet has always been a gauge of popular opinion amongst mothers in the UK. Here Sophie has earned herself a 5 star rating. Many reviewers can remember their own Sophie including her distinctive natural rubber smell. Sophie’s unique shape means she is easy to grip and has plenty of nobly parts to clamp little gums onto.


“[My daughter]…Loves the squeaking and smiles and laughs when she first sees Sophie, definitely worth buying. My mum also told me that I had one and had taken it everywhere when I was a bit older.”  _ Loubylooloo, Mumsnet


Families are also charmed by the tethers “cuteness”. If your child is going to take their toy everywhere, this iconic Giraffe has much more appeal than other often bland alternatives. AlexandAlexa now stocks a range of great Sophie La Girafe gift packs and complimentary toys, including the updated Sophie with additional handles and textured surfaces to provide relief. Sophie is the perfect gift to make both a new mum and her baby smile. Give them a bit of celebrity style and also a friend that they won’t leave the house without.

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