BE OUR BUYER: Bebe by Minihaha, clothes exclusively for the under-twos

Bebe by minihaha babies


Leading Australian brand Minihaha has launched a collection exclusively for the under-twos called Bébé! We always get excited about Australian brands as they usually promise a winning combination of excellent quality and original style, making them too cute to resist. This little brand is causing a big stir, recently appearing in Practical Parenting, CWB, Kids, Little Baby One and Cosmopolitan Pregnancy magazine. We are very lucky that this collection has joined AlexandaAlexa for this week’s ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event. Sign up today and you not only get an introductory offer on Bebe by Minihaha but you will also get the chance to vote it into our permanent collection.


Proceed for cuteness overload….


Each season Minihaha produce a new collection for the littlest kids and have a knack for creating stylish looks, which are still baby-sweet.  Mums are instantly struck by this collection’s beautiful colours and exquisite prints. There are multiple colour pallets so whether you are keen on brights or want to stick to more traditional pastels there is something for everyone.

bebe by minihaha babies clothes

The Bebe range is built around lovely matching separates, so it easy to create different outfit combinations. Each piece is machine washable and is created with fabrics designed to last. Look out for lovely little details, like embroidered appliqué, rosettes, frill sleeves, contrast button details and collared rompers. The collection also includes a range of ultra-soft cotton basics and complimentary cardigans for every day wear.


Now get ready for some cute Aussie babies….


bebe by minihaha SS12

Bebe Minihaha Australia

Smitten? Sign up today for your chance to shop Bebe Minihaha at 50% off in our exclusive ‘Be Our Buyer’ shopping event this Friday 25 May – Sunday 27 May. If this little range melts your heart you can vote for it to join the permanent collection at AlexandAlexa.


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