Hair Tutorial: Romantic Braid Hairstyle For Girls


This romantic hairstyle is perfect for a whimsical outdoor wedding. This look pulls out all the lovely tones and highlights in our model Ella’s naturally golden locks. The tonged sections bring out the luminosity in her hair when caught by the light. Read this entry to see how to create this look yourself.



Step one

For this look let the hair fall into a natural centre parting. Celebrity stylist Kota explains how centre partings tend to suit girlish styles whereas side partings give an instantly more mature feel. Always start by tonged styles by brushing the hair out with a soft bristle Mason and Pearson brush. Work out stubborn knots at the end of strands by gently working at them with a fine toothed comb.


Step two

To begin tonging, twist and pin the top section of hair using a sectioning comb. Each section should match the width of the tong. Twist before tonging each section to produce a looser and more natural curl, leaving the end free. Work your way through four layers of hair from bottom layer through to the top layer using the sectioning clip.


Step three

Lightly brush out the curls to make them look softer and more natural. Backcomb the crown of the hair, this will give the style volume and allow it to hold for longer. Height gives this hairstyle the ‘extra special’ quality for a more formal wedding occasion. Use the brush to backcomb over these sections.


Step four

Just above the ears start French braiding by pulling sections from the front and the top of the head finishing just beyond the half-way point secure with an elastic band. Repeat this on the other side of the head, keep the braid loose and deconstructed. When the two braids meet fasten with the elastic. Hide the band with a section of hair and fasten with a bobby pin.


Step 5

Pull some sections from the front free to frame the face. Don’t spray hairspray directly onto sensitive little faces when styling at the front, rub hairspray onto fingers and work it in with your hands.


Step 6 – Finishing touches

You can personalise look by gently loosening the braid all around the head. This give a more natural feel and would look lovely finished with a fine gold clip or piece of lace.




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