Be the first to get a copy of the Lexem, your pop-up parenting broadsheet

Modern day parents may be scrambling to get hold of the latest e-reading gadgets but nothing quite beats the smell and feel of a good old fashioned broadsheet newspaper. AlexandAlexa is proud to present the Lexem, a limited edition newspaper packed full of bespoke style, parenting and business news. The fashion world is all a flutter with news surrounding our launch event with British Vogue featuring it on their website today and the likes of Fashion Foie Gras tweeting preview pictures.

The AlexandAlexa Lexem - Hot off the press

Read on to find out how you can get yourself a copy! 


To celebrate the launch of the new season we are giving away copies of the limited edition Lexem – printed on the official printing press of the Guardian printing press in London.

the parenting paper the lexem

hot off the press - the lexem

printing the lexem paper the AlexandAlexa lexem

How to do I get mine?



A Lexem will be included with all orders from while stocks last.


Based in the UK?

Lucky parents based in Manchester, London and Leeds should come down and visit us this Saturday 10 March to receive your limited edition Lexem and designer tote from AlexandAlexa! We have 4000 totes to give away nationwide! 100 of these totes will include additional gift from designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Fred Perry, Scotch R’belle, Falke, Kenzo and Suzanne Ermann. One gift bag will contain a special secret prize worth £500.

Like us on facebook today to discover the Saturday’s secret giveaway locations!


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