Hair Tutorial: Victory Roll Hairstyle For Girls

This hairstyle worn by our mini model Isis was inspired by the bygone-era looks which are so popular on the runways this season. Similar styles were seen at Prada and Miu Miu, we love this look for vintage inspired weddings, it beautifully offsets this classic dress by Milly Minis. Read this entry to see how to create this look yourself.

Step one

Lightly brush hair out and let it fall into two sections, following your child’s natural parting. Our celebrity hairstylist Kota recommends using a soft bristle brush from Mason and Pearson. These are particularly great for working with kids as they are extra soft and won’t pull or damage hair. To make styling easier use sectioning clips to hold the hair in place.

Step two

Tie the ends of each section with an elastic band and starting securing each section with bobby pins. Lay them along the back and use them to drawing the section in at the top and the bottom of the head.

Step four

Using the palm of your hand roll each section inwards and upwards into a victory roll on either side of the head.Secure the roll starting at the base of the head and working your way up, using U-pins. Use the end of a hairdressers ‘toothbrush’ to tuck in and secure any stray ends. Give the style a finished look by working over the surface with a soft brush,  cool blow-dryer and hairspray.

Step three

The victory roll also presents a perfect opportunity to dress hair up with cute accessories to add impact. Here we have added a clip bow from Missoni’s collection for girls, available online exclusively at AlexandAlexa. Isis wears the Cindy Two Tone Dress by Milly Minis.


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