Happy ‘first mother’s day’ to a very stylish new mother

Charlotte and James ©TheFashionGuitar 2012


We wanted to wish very happy Mother’s Day to new Mum and our blogger of the moment Charlotte. Charlotte is the founder of The Fashion Guitar, her London based blog which combines high street finds with high fashion pieces to create inspiring outfits. We first became fans when we spotted pictures of her stylish ideas for baby-bump looks. Recently Charlotte welcomed the lovely little James into the world and this will be her first mother’s day.


Read on for our exclusive interview with Charlotte.


We really loved Charlotte’s matching mum and baby post featuring our little Petit Bateau jacket, so she was kind enough to let us share the pictures here. We wish a very special mother’s day to charlotte and all the other mothers out there who are celebrating their very first mother’s day.

The fashion Guitar stripes

©TheFashionGuitar 2012



AlexandAlexa’s exclusive interview with  Charlotte Groeneveld-van Haren, new mum and founder of The Fashion Guitar blog.



When and why did you start the Fashion Guitar Blog?

I started my blog in November 2010. Back then I was working in online marketing for a big online fashion retailer, and worked closely with fashion bloggers through our affiliate programme. As I always had a passion for fashion and styling, I thought this would be the perfect way, via a blog, to share my passion, and inspire others. Soon after Thefashionguitar.com was born!



Who are your favourite (grown up) designers for Spring/Summer 12?

I absolutely love Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, and Celine. However, I do buy a lot at Zara, and I think the H&M Trend collection is amazing too. So what I do, and that is where my readers get most inspiration from, is combine high-end designers with high-street brands. This makes it at least possible to wear the same as I do, because some bloggers, (no offense, because I love their style) wear only expensive designers, and it’s just not possible for everyone to do the same…



What is your favourite outfit for when you are out and about with James?

I wear my Isabel Marant willow sneakers all the time. They are super comfortable, yet stylish. I like to combine these with a mini-skirt and nice top/jacket, or funny trousers (I try to stay away from jeans these days, as I’ve worn so many jeans during my pregnancy!).



Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar

ASOS + Pauw + Ray Bans = Fashion Genius! Image ©TheFashionGuitar 2012


How do you juggle blogging with James’ routine?

It’s is quite hard sometimes, cause my blog takes a lot of time, and it’s growing rapidly, which I don’t want to waste. So mostly when James sleeps, I work. However, this will become less and less in the future, so I might need to get a helping hand.



What aspect of becoming a new mum has surprised you the most?

That all the clichés are true!! And that it is possible to love someone unconditionally.



Do you think your blog will change now that you are a mum?

Not really. I mean, I still have the same taste, I’ve got my figure back, and I still love to follow trends. However, I incorporate a little of James in it now, in collaboration with AlexandAlexa (yeah!), so that’s new. I love doing this by the way, because I had so many nice comments from my readers throughout my pregnancy that I love to give them a sneak-peek into him growing up. Not too much of course, because I don’t want to exploit him.



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