Pitti Bimbo, Day 2

 Today is still just as hot, but rather than complaining about it, today we will embrace it! After all, during winter we complained about being cold, it seems a bit hypocritical to now complain about being hot, doesn’t it?

09:00 – We stop at a air conditioned restaurant (link) but this time, our appetites are big so we sit in and have more of a French breakfast of Hot coffee with (skim) milk and a ham and cheese croissant, though we are in Italy, buyer Vanessa is French, so we had to squeeze a croissant in there somewhere!


09:45 – Once at the show, we go to see Fendi, which has a great collection of checks and stripes for boys and floaty natural dresses with soft prints for girls, and the hottest accessory for both sexes seems to be the Fendi print trilby.  (We saw the Fendi fashion show too, which had most of the models wearing chunky almost winter style boots or wellies, paired with summery layers and soft fabric blazers).

11:30Galluchi is next, a brand we have just started carrying for this coming AW10 season, but we loved what we ordered so far, so we simply had to go back for more….again: shoes, shoes, shoes, we LOVE shoes!


12:15 – Lunch! We decide we must have some Pizza today, to get back to our Italian eating, so we pop into a little pizzeria and get a slice each as well as a very cold fizzy drink!


13:30 – We go to visit the booth of Imps & Elfs, whose items Alexandalexa.com have been carrying for quite some time. Their ethical, modest and wonderfully tailored clothing brings us back each season, and this season is no different. We still Love it!

15:00 – London based brand Hackett is another full time favourite for us, old school classics with a new age twist, their little debonair gentleman’s wear, represents quintessential British style, which is always fantastic.


16:30 – BOOM! We see the Diesel booth which is full of bright colours, the brand, famous for its urban style, has some show stopping shirts that are loud, demanding and oh so perfect for your little style-setter and of course, AMAZING jeans, which we always rely on Diesel for.

17:45 – Whatever you do, do not say good bye to your florals this season, as we enter the D&G Beachwear booth, we are bombarded with amazing floral prints, combined with frills for girls and fantastic tropical prints for boys. We make a BIG order for next year’s Swimshop wishing we had our own swimwear with us to help us battle the heat!

18:30 – Last, but not least, is Juicy, who is still as girly and glam as can be. They have some great new accessories that have not been offered before, cute t-shirt designs and some changes to the classic track suit that we couldn’t help but love.

19:00 – Time to go to the airport and catch our flight! Tired from the buying and the heat, we think it might not be a working flight, perhaps a sleeping flight instead!

We leave you with this funny picture of Alex (the Alex of Alexandalexa) with one of the Freddie’s Garage guys (who we did not order from, but loved their concept!)

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Mini Miranda’s Wardrobe

This past week we have celebrated the release of a very fashionable movie with our Sex and the City 2 Mini Wardrobes. Inspired by the fabulous foursome that star in both the TV show and movies, each wardrobe is our guess at what the characters daughters or daughters to be might find in their closet. So far, we have posted our versions of Mini Carrie, Mini Charlotte and Mini Samantha, which leaves us with Mini Miranda…


Miranda is always well-dressed in comfortable clothing that fits flawlessly. Her choice of subtle tones, that have both structure and detail allows her to dress to impress in a less obvious way. She adds excitement to her wardrobe up with punches of colour from her shoes, bags and jewellery or with simple yet bold prints. Mini Miranda’s wardrobe would contain the perfect items for a fashionable and creative little gal with a love for interesting accessories, surprise patterns and practical, well made pieces

Here are our 11 Pieces for Mini Miranda’s Closet:

1. DORE DORE silver glitter socks, £13.00

2. CARAMEL BABY, grey and beige v-neck dress, £63.00

3. CACHAREL blue trousers with pink button, £51.00

4. SIMPLE KIDS blue bobble necklace, £35.00

5. CHLOE beige cardigan, £80.00

6. IMPS & ELFS grey button shirt, £40.00

7. CARAMEL BABY high waisted juniper trousers, £77.50

8. BOSS KIDS girl white trench coat, £95.00

9. 120% Lino, pearl grey linen dress, £97.00

10. BURBERRY nova girls shirt, £53.00

11. D&G JUNIOR denim changing bag with mat, £495.00

Let us know what you think of our choices and check out Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha’s Mini Wardrobe’s too !

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Back to Basics

Before your child gets to put on their brand new Christmas gifts in their newly expanded winter wardrobe, they must put

on their basics first! And a child that is so stylish on the outside should have the same quality of garments on the clothing

that is closest to their skin.


Alexandalexa.com carries some of the most luxury brands in kids wear and kids basics in Europe, including these cosy




Calvin Klein Jeans:  Two Piece Pink And White Vest Set, £18.503731-3


Calvin Klein Jeans:  Three Piece Calvin Klein Print Bikini Brief Set, £17.003730-2


Juicy Couture: Days Of The Week Multicoloured Knicker Set, £35.003323-1


Imps & Elfs: Berry and Grey Stripe Socks, £6.001990-0



Calvin Klein Jeans: Two Piece White Crew Neck Tee Set, £19.003723-3


Calvin Klein Jeans: Three Piece Brief Set In White Blue And Grey, £19.003701-3


Scotch & Soda: White and Printed Boxer Set, £12.00



Roberto Cavalli: Grey And White Stripe Socks, £12.002979-0

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Get That Imps & Elfs Look


These cheeky little Imps & Elfs ensembles, picked out and photographed by the sweet stylist from alexandalexa.com,

are perfect for a casual day out this holiday season.




Imps & Elfs: Charcoal Stripe Knit Cardigan, £49.50



Caramel Baby & Child: Stripy Robin Hat, £38.503406-0


Imps & Elfs: Dark Denim Jeans With Turn-Up, £50.00







Imps & Elfs: Unisex Paint Splash Jeans, £73.503591-0


Imps & Elfs: Red and Navy Striped Roll Neck, £65.003266-0





Imps & Elfs: Grey Strap Dress, £36.00



Imps & Elfs: Grey And Navy Stripe Tights, £28.003089-0


Imps & Elfs: Royal Blue High Neck Tunic Top, £17.503090-0

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