ABC’s of Christmas

ANTIK BATIK Purple Sequin Silk Dress

BURBERRY Quilted Coat With Fur Trim

CHLOE Herringbone Cape

D&G JUNIOR Ski Inspired Cardigan


FENDI booties



IMPS & ELFS shirt





ONE-piece set

PAUL SMITH cardigan

QUINCY dress




UGG boots


WHITE coat

XMAS trex

YVES SAINT LAURENT colouring book


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Their Little Wardrobe: Tilly

Mum Laura posted this picture on the facebook wall, so we begged her for permission to post it here too.

We love little Tilly from Scotland, looking pretty in pink in her Torres party dress, getting ready to walk with her mummy to vote on election day.

If you would like to include your little fashionista/fashionisto in the Their Little Wardrobe section of our blog, all you need to do is: snap a photo of your fashionable kid(s), let us know who they are wearing and what fun things they are up to in their fabulous outfit, include their age and name, and email it all to [email protected], subject: Their Little Wardrobe!

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Lookbook Giveaway: Amanda’s Top 5


Amanda, from England, sent in her Top 5 for the Lookbook Giveaway saying “What a beautiful collection, here are my favourites but I could easily choose lots more for my daughter!” 

To vote for Amanda, leave a comment below, or, submit a TOP 5 LIST of your own by following the directions here

The winner of the Lookbook Giveaway will receive a pair of Hunter Wellies OR Baby Crawlers (winner’s choice). 

Amanda’s Top 5


1. MONNALISA Black and White Betty Dress with Tassles, Page 8 (£166.00)  

2. LITTLE MARC JACOBS Ink Blue Coat, Page 29 (£156.00) 

3. CACHAREL Giverny Pinky Flower Print Dress, Page 69 (£139.99)  

4. TORRES Grey Baby Coat with Velvet Trim, Page 66 (£65.00)  

5. RACHEL RILEY Coral Slippers, Page 29 (£88.00) 

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Lookbook Giveaway: Stina’s Top 5

Stina from Denmark’s TOP 5 entry in the Lookbook Giveaway!

To vote for Stina, leave a comment below, or, make a TOP 5 LIST of your own by following the directions here.

The winner of the Lookbook Giveaway will receive a pair of Hunter Wellies OR Baby Crawlers (winner’s choice).

STINA’S TOP 5 for daughter Lienette:

1. D&G JUNIOR Denim Dress, pg. 50 (£286)

2. TORRES Grey Baby Coat with Velvet Trim, pg. 66 (£65.00)

3. KID BY PHILLIP LIM, Cocoon Chunky Cardigan, pg. 70 (£161.50)

4. LITTLE MARC JACOBS Lake Blue Dress, pg. 90 (£148.50)

5. CHLOE Wollen Peg Let Trousers, pg. 70 (£77.00)

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Our Day at Bubble Tradeshow

9:30 A.M: Our lovely buyer Vanessa and I arrive at Angel station, stop at Starbucks for some Soy Chai Lattes and find our way to the Bubble tradeshow

09:45 A.M: We take a look around at all the cute booths filled with even cuter clothing and accessories and have a quick chat with some perspective new designers then we head to our first appointment with quirky London kidswear brand No Added Sugar and have some fun choosing our favourites from their lovely fun collection.

10:55 A.M: Having spent a bit too much time at the No Added Sugar booth, we rush over to the Bonnie Baby booth and immediately fall in love with their new collection, some of their baby gift offerings come in little Bonnie Baby milk cartons and it takes us no time at all to choose our favourites with the help of Bonnie Baby’s Clare. We leave feeling confident in our colour filled choices for baby boys and girls, time for our next appointment!

11:12 A.M: We head over to one of our favourites, Rachel Riley, and find Rachel Riley herself smiling big and looking pretty as can be in a cream and green vintage dress. tucked in amongst the lovely vintage inspired fabrics  of her line.

We quickly zone in on her new collection of pyjamas, loving the vintage inspired fabrics of her line then move onto her kiddie perfect swimwear (where we decide her new sailboat print is the cream of the crop) then finally onto girls and baby dresses where we ooh and aww at the fantastic tailoring and fine needlework we admire so much.

13:05 P.M: With our tummies rumbling, Vanessa and I head outside to enjoy a bit of the nice summer day. About half way between Bubble and Angel tube station, we find a vibrant little walk in Mexican restaurant called Chilango and tuck into two HUGE Grilled Chicken Burritos. The service is so fast and the food is so good we finish it almost as fast as we ordered it. We sit and enjoy the sun on their colourful outdoor patio and talk excitedly about the orders we have made so far, before heading back to Bubble for our next appointment.

14:30 P.M:  Calvin Klien underwear for kids is our next stop and we pick all the classic basics and some fun ones too for boys, girls and babies.

15:20 P.M: We head over to a booth where our Australian friend, Richie, creator of Munster Kids is stationed, looking very tanned indeed. We browse his new collection and find a ton of tees and shorts for boys and even some items for girls.

Richie and Munster agent Alister also tell ys about Munster’s T4T initiative which helps supply clothes to orphanages throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. We find out that each season, Munster commissions an artist to design a series of prints for tees and for every commissioned t-shirt sold, they give another to a child in need. We buy their T4T SS11 shirt, and grab a catalogue of their new line to scan in later and give our readers a sneak peak!

16:40 P.M: Last but not least, we go to see Torres, where Spanish designer Javier and rep Alexandra offer us chocolates while we browse through their gorgeous SS11. We find some great pieces for girly girls and a few big sister-little sister sets, all made in different shapes and created with an array of fabrics…the choices leave us with far too many favourites to mention!

17:52 P.M: With our day complete, we head back to the office to show our colleagues the great purchases we made while we get organized for Thursday when we will fly to Florence for our final buying trip to Petit Bimbo tradeshow!

TRENDS FOR SS11 FROM BUBBLE: The futuristic colour wheel of kids fashion seems to say that Spring Summer 2011 will be full of classic summer pastels as well as deeper colours like fuchsia pink, bright yellow, teal, rose pink

Let us know what you think of the SS11 sneak peeks and if there are any brands you think we are missing!

x  Holly & Vanessa

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Mini Charlotte’s Wardrobe

Yesterday we posted our version of Mini Carrie’s Wardrobe, but of course, we can’t stop there, there are four characters and therefore four other mini wardrobes to discuss…next up, Charlottoe York Goldenblatt

In Sex and the City 1, we were introduced to Charlottoe’s daughter Lily, in Sex and the City 2 we get to meet the newest addition to the York Goldenblatt family, Rose.


From stills released from the movie, we can see Charlottoe’s little girls are just as fashionable as their mummy. They take on Charlotte’s sweet, preppy and feminine style and her love for Burberry and Ralph Lauren. Proper bags, sweet shoes, and cute prints make up Mini Charlotte’s Wardrobe, the perfect wardrobe for a little lady.

Here are11 pieces for Mini Charlotte’s Wardrobe:

1. BURBERRY classic nova skirt, £57.00

2. CHLOE classic lemon trench coat, £160.00

3. BURBERRY nova check baby changing bag, £25.00

4. RALPH LAUREN turqoise cable knit sweater, £63.00

5. RALPH LAUREN white skinny jeans, £62.50

6. BURBERRY fuchsia and grey print dress, £91.00

7. TORRES two piece set with purple tee and white bubble skirt, £58.00

8. MUCHACHA neaklace with silver rabbit, £77.00

9. LITTLE MARC JACOBS blue mouse shoes, £99.00

10. RALPH LAUREN oxford mesh pink and white striped set, £59.00

11. RALPH LAUREN white polo with multi colour logo, £49.00

Let us know what you think of our choices and stay tuned for Miranda and Samantha’s Mini Wardrobes in the coming days!

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Vogue Inspires our Top 9 Texture-ific Kidswear Pieces

In the last few years, adult fashion trends and style have begun to enter the world of children’s fashion with mini-me looks popping up in all the biggest design houses and stylish celebrity children, at the ripe old age of four, gracing  the front pages of fashion magazines.

Children’s fashion has become just as important as fashion for adults, and if style and such is important for you and your little one,  and the best way to ensure your mini trendsetter has the ‘right’ style, is to translate adult fashion information to your little fashionista’s wardrobe.

This week on, their shopping list was all about texture.

To follow suit, but with a childish twist, we chose some texture-ific pieces from our favorite SS10 children’s collections including Cacharel, Rare The Kid, No Added Sugar, Simple Kids, Roberto Cavalli, Torres, Antik Batik and D&G Junior:


CACHAREL coral silk crepe dress, £205.00


RARE THE KID light wash jeans with patches and studs, £145.00


NO ADDED SUGAR blue and cream stripe frill top, £35.00


SIMPLE KIDS spotted bobble necklace, £35.00


CACHAREL liberty print dress with coral flowers, £85.00


ROBERTO CAVALLI white ballerina pumps with pink flowers, £137.50


TORRES purple embroidered party dress, £70.00


ANTIK BATIK bongo sandals, £82.00


D&G JUNIOR blue pinstriped wrinkle fit jacket, £247.50

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