Mini Model: ARTHUR

During our Spring Summer Lookbook photoshoot a few weeks ago, we met a very charismatic fellow on set, 7 year old mini model, Arthur Allen, who set us into stitches with his witty banter and clever quips.

Photogenic, charming and interesting, we wanted to know more about the little boy in the white Hugo Boss suit. So our child friendly reporter sat down with this clever little character to have a chat.

How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Just one, but I dabble in some French Canadian sometimes.

French Canadian, Eh? How do you dabble in that?

I have a friend at school that speaks French and is Canadian, well French Canadian, so he speaks French Canadian.

That’s pretty cool, what can you say in ‘French Canadian’?

Bonjour! (he says with a somewhat Jean Chretien-esk accent) and Poutine! (poutine is chips with gravy and cheese…very tasty and very French Canadian, a thing you could only possibly know about if you are Canadian, have a Canadian friend, or have visited the great provience of Quebec….this young fellow has proven himself).

How long have you been modelling and what made you decide to be a model?

I started modelling when I was three because my mum wanted me to do it, but I like it, it is fun.

What is the best thing about being a model?

Seeing the pictures after (he says this as he cheekily peers at the lap top behind us where the recent photos of himself with truly French mini model Cara are being reviewed..then grins), see they look good!

What is your favourite outfit you wore on the last photoshoot and why?

This white suit (HUGO BOSS SS11), it was so cool

What kinds of clothing do you like to wear at the weekend?

DJ style

What is DJ Style?

Like how a DJ dresses, in bright colours and cool shirts and stuff, really casual but cool

What is your favourite kind of music and who is your favourite artist?

I like Pop, likeCee Lo Green and Tinie Tempah

What is your favourite song?

Dynamite by Taio Cruz (breaks into song while pointing at the various name brand clothing he is wearing) “I’m wearing all my favourite brands, brands, brands, brands…”

What is your favourite animal and why?

Duck billed platypus because they are funny.

What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

A footballer or an animal saver, or maybe both, they both would be fun.

What is your favourite subject in School and why?

Science, because when I’m in college I’ll get to do potions like Harry Potter, only real….

If there are any questions, you or your aspiring mini models would like to ask our Mini Models, or want to let us know what you think of this interview, leave a comment below!

Arthur's Hug Goodbye!

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  1. georgina allen says:

    I love the DJ style you’ve done!

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