Happy Birthday to You! With Kids Hunter Wellies




One of our favourite UK Mum bloggers is celebrating her second [blog] birthday.

Author Bianca Wessel started Little Scandinavian two years ago and it has been a wonderful sucess. As one of her official sponsers we wanted to get involved with the birthday celebrations.

Bianca Wessel author of Scandinavian Mum says “It’s been a fun filled journey, and It’s all thanks to you, dear reader, that this blog is what it is today! “

For more birthday themed fun take a look at issue 25 of A&A magazine!

How to enter: This time you’ll have to leave a comment below, stating your choice of Hunter wellies, style and colour. Please visit Alex and Alexa to choose your favourite pair of iconic Hunter wellies.
Then go to Facebook and press Like on the Giveaway post on AlexandAlexa’s fan page on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to You! With Kids Hunter Wellies”

  1. Heidi says:

    There are no wellies that beat the iconic Hunter ones – and I would love for my little one to own a pair of the original black wellies, with the silver buckles. They are just so gorgeous, and I can see Millie running around in them in the woods as well as wearing in town!

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