Party Playdates: Issue 25 of A&A Magazine

A&A Magazine Birthday Party Issue

Today we are celebrating issue 25 of A&A Magazine, a digital magazine packed full of great style ideas for kids. This issue is all about our take on modern birthday party dressing and should give you all the inspiration you need to navigate the classmate  party calendar.

The Fashion

Our Birthday Party shoot looks at real dressing for contemporary kids. Shoot stylist Rachel Caulfield is inspired the way kids would dress themselves, allowing them to get involved with the party chaos whilst also having fun with the clothes they wear. Get behind the scenes at the shoot here on the blog.

The Interview

This issue features another interview with an inspiring Mum-entrepreneur.  Maggie Bolger, mother of four and founder of exclusive kids club Maggie & Rose is what you would call a kids party guru. She also gives her take on the pieces featured in our kids party fashion shoot.

This week we are going to have a focus on Parties every day. Fan us on facebook or follow us on twitter to see our latest party arrivals, our Halloween shoot and guest blog spots….perhaps you can score yourself a designer party present of your own!

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