Coming soon, Kids Fashion Week

Take a sneak peak at some of the action at last weeks Kids Fashion Week shoot. AlexandAlexa took the runway into a magical woodland setting where we showcased some of the best designer clothes for kids!

Behind the scenes at kids fashion week 2011

A big thank you to the crew that worked so hard on styling, set and photography. Our mini models also did a fantastic job, it was great to see the friendships forming on set with the boys running off between takes to play in the trees.

The set at Kids Fashion Week with AlexandAlexa

The set at Kids Fashion Week with AlexandAlexa

kids designer clothes

On the catwalk at Kids Fashion Week

behind the scenes at kids fashion week

behind the scenes at kids fashion week

You are invited to the world’s first online Fashion Week for Kids. AlexandAlexa is celebrating the global fashion week season by showcasing the latest looks from some of the very best designer kids collections.

Kids Fashion Week has launched! Find out how you can get in on the action and win yourself a designer goodie bag! 

3 Responses to “Coming soon, Kids Fashion Week”

  1. I’m very excited to see more of your shots! Is there a list of what designers and brands you covered?

  2. AlexandAlexa says:

    Thanks! Everyday we are releasing new shows on AlexandAlexa. Shows started on Monday, so far our collections have included:

    Day One: Junior Gaultier
    Day Two:Rykiel Enfant
    Day Three: Dior

    With more to come! Everyone can get involved this Friday by taking part in our competition.

  3. It was a great show with amazing videos! Thanks for the links.

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