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This is the first time we have ever reviewed an iPhone app, as we have been doing our best to remain tech free on theirlittleworld; however, when our P.R gal, Anna, came across this unique app, we had to share it with those of you that love to shop, especially those of you that love to shop online.

The app, called Little Crew, offers daily reviews and updates straight to your phone.

Australian mum Peta, the managing director and developer of the Little Crew app, writes these reviews on items she purchases for her three children, the reviews are based on the customer service that comes along with the product, the quality of the product that arrives and a short story of why the item was purchased and who for.

Peta created the app to make shopping online easier for parents, “We developed the app to create an umbrella for all of the online shops that sell luxury kidswear. The app is something that parents can easily use, trust and rely on, to give them information about kids’ products sold online, as well as the shops that they come from.”

Each article is short and sweet and written in a way that makes the review feel like more like a chat with a friend over coffee, than a tyrpical product review. It is honest feedback, from one parent to another.

We were thrilled to have Little Crew review some of the stock, which included reviews on a Juicy Couture Track Suit, Little Marc Jacobs’ Tee Shirt , Cacharel Dress, Torres Dress, Ed Hardy Tee Shirt, Vilebrequin Swim Shorts and Simple Kids Brand Review.

To purchase the app, read some of Peta’s reviews, or suggest a product for her to try, visit the Little Crew website at: – BUT for a limited time only, the Little Crew Review App is FREE! So sign up now!

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Mini Miranda’s Wardrobe

This past week we have celebrated the release of a very fashionable movie with our Sex and the City 2 Mini Wardrobes. Inspired by the fabulous foursome that star in both the TV show and movies, each wardrobe is our guess at what the characters daughters or daughters to be might find in their closet. So far, we have posted our versions of Mini Carrie, Mini Charlotte and Mini Samantha, which leaves us with Mini Miranda…


Miranda is always well-dressed in comfortable clothing that fits flawlessly. Her choice of subtle tones, that have both structure and detail allows her to dress to impress in a less obvious way. She adds excitement to her wardrobe up with punches of colour from her shoes, bags and jewellery or with simple yet bold prints. Mini Miranda’s wardrobe would contain the perfect items for a fashionable and creative little gal with a love for interesting accessories, surprise patterns and practical, well made pieces

Here are our 11 Pieces for Mini Miranda’s Closet:

1. DORE DORE silver glitter socks, £13.00

2. CARAMEL BABY, grey and beige v-neck dress, £63.00

3. CACHAREL blue trousers with pink button, £51.00

4. SIMPLE KIDS blue bobble necklace, £35.00

5. CHLOE beige cardigan, £80.00

6. IMPS & ELFS grey button shirt, £40.00

7. CARAMEL BABY high waisted juniper trousers, £77.50

8. BOSS KIDS girl white trench coat, £95.00

9. 120% Lino, pearl grey linen dress, £97.00

10. BURBERRY nova girls shirt, £53.00

11. D&G JUNIOR denim changing bag with mat, £495.00

Let us know what you think of our choices and check out Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha’s Mini Wardrobe’s too !

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Vogue Inspires our Top 9 Texture-ific Kidswear Pieces

In the last few years, adult fashion trends and style have begun to enter the world of children’s fashion with mini-me looks popping up in all the biggest design houses and stylish celebrity children, at the ripe old age of four, gracing  the front pages of fashion magazines.

Children’s fashion has become just as important as fashion for adults, and if style and such is important for you and your little one,  and the best way to ensure your mini trendsetter has the ‘right’ style, is to translate adult fashion information to your little fashionista’s wardrobe.

This week on, their shopping list was all about texture.

To follow suit, but with a childish twist, we chose some texture-ific pieces from our favorite SS10 children’s collections including Cacharel, Rare The Kid, No Added Sugar, Simple Kids, Roberto Cavalli, Torres, Antik Batik and D&G Junior:


CACHAREL coral silk crepe dress, £205.00


RARE THE KID light wash jeans with patches and studs, £145.00


NO ADDED SUGAR blue and cream stripe frill top, £35.00


SIMPLE KIDS spotted bobble necklace, £35.00


CACHAREL liberty print dress with coral flowers, £85.00


ROBERTO CAVALLI white ballerina pumps with pink flowers, £137.50


TORRES purple embroidered party dress, £70.00


ANTIK BATIK bongo sandals, £82.00


D&G JUNIOR blue pinstriped wrinkle fit jacket, £247.50

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Sweet Stocking Stuffers

Stuffing stockings is always a fun job for father chirstmas, but if you feel like giving the busy man some help

this Christmas, consider some of these sweet items selected for us by the clever little elves at


Caramel Baby & Child: Dark Green Nell Bobble Hat, £54.00 



little Paul & Joe: Fringed Grey Cashmere Scarf, £44.003447-0


Scotch & Soda: White and Printed Boxer Set, £20.003192-0


Anne-Claire Petit: Organic Crochet Check Duck, £17.503366-0


Caramel Baby & Child: Redmund Stripy Gloves, £38.503407-0


Diesel: Leather And Elasticated Diesel Belt, £25.003356-0


D&G Junior: Navy Lace-Up Work Boots, £56.503158-0


Cacharel: Blue and Purple Striped Tights, £30.002927-0


Roberto Cavalli: Grey And White Stripe Socks, £24.002979-0


Juicy Couture: Days Of The Week Multicoloured Knicker Set, £70.503323-0


Simple Kids: Woven Daisy Broach, £11.002984-0

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Stylish Suits for your Sweet Son



Boys in their sunday best, regardless of their age, are for sure one of the cutest things at Christmas. And with the

expansion of kidswear over the last few years, a stylish suit or outfit  for your little charmer is more than a

possibility, it is a must.



Cacharel: Khaki Corduroy Trousers, £104.00


Simple Kids: Navy Tailored Trousers, £87.002987-0



Ralph Lauren: Vintage Check Shirt, £48.503229-0

D&G Junior: White Shirt with Tie Effect, £105.002688-0



Cacharel: Khaki Corduroy Tailored Jacket, £170.003399-0

Roberto Cavalli: Pin Stripe Boys Superhero Jacket, £237.50


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AW09 Trends: Vivid and Vibrant Colour

Traditionally, fall calls for subdued colours on the ‘warm’ side of the colour wheel; greys, beiges, browns, burnt

oranges and so on. But this year, autumn and winter looks call for those classic colours, as well as colours from

the ‘fun’ side of the colour wheel!



Burberry: Purple Pleated Dress, £72.50Burberry Dress

Ralph Lauren: Cruise Baby Girl Gift Set, £55.003650-0

Ralph Lauren: Hot Pink Dress And White Legging Set, £79.003640-0

Ralph Lauren: Cruise Baby Boy Gift Set, £55.003649-0

Imps & Elfs: Red Hooded Cardigan, £30.003580-0




Fabric Flavours: Yellow ‘At-At Walker’ Tee, £17.003527-0

Diesel: Marine Blue Knitted Jumper With Hood, £75.003350-0

Diesel: Reversible Green Jacket, £50.852579-0

Roberto Cavalli: Cavalli Blue Leather Jacket , £189.00




Caramel Baby & Child: Multi-Coloured ‘Portia’ Skirt , £71.503538-0

Simple Kids: Lucy Pink Silk Smock Dress, £110.503111-0

Ralph Lauren:  Knitted Pink Zip-Up Hooded Jumper , £91.003634-0

Simple Kids: Blue ‘Cockerel’ Top, £45.003109-0

Ralph Lauren:  Pink Skinny Jeans, £59.003660-0

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