Petit Bateau

Born In: Fance, 1918

The Name: When Petit Bateau founder, Pierre Vallon heard his son singing “the little boats, les petits bateaus, in the water” Pierre Vallon had the idea to call his business Petit Bateau

Description: comfortable, quality, cotton knit clothing and underclothing for all ages, from newborns to grownups!

History: As legend has it, in 1918, Pierre Vallon cut a pair of long johns, singlehandedly inventing underpants. This first pair of underpants led Pierre to begin a series of inventions that had one common goal: comfort.

The series of inventions did not stop at undergarments, and from that point, Pierre’s company has been dedicated in creating the most comfortable undergarments and clothing for children and adults alike.

Interesting Fact: Today, Petit Bateau has over 50 signature t-shirt designs.

Not Just Garments: Since the 1920s, Petit Bateau has also been known for their advertising, in particular, their vintage advertising, which featured Pierre Vallon’s muse Marinette, a diapered toddler who boasted about petit bateau through song and play.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love Petit Bateau. One of my favourite brands. So glad you’re stocking them… I’ll know where to go next time I’m looking for something from their line!

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