Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: 50s Resort Wear

Resort wear of the 1950s originally sold to up-market customers for their winter holidays to the warm beaches of Marbella, Bahamas and San Juan is a popular trend for designers this season.

For girls the classic sundress which is fitted at the bodice and flared at the hem, matched with a lantern straw hat is a popular mood, popularised by Sofia Loren in many of her movies or alternatively a loose fitted peddle- pusher matched with a cotton wrap blouse.

For the little boys in your life the tropical prints of Hawaii are fashioned on shorts and shirts, which can look lovely when matched with pop chinos or a simple cotton tee.  Of course, resort wear accessories are extremely important to maximise this look, cats-eye and wayfarer shades, straw sunhats (the bigger the better) and scarves worn as sun protection wrapped around the head or placed daintily around the neck.

FINGER IN THE NOSE Check Playsuit *

TORRES Heartprint Dress *


FINGER IN THE NOSE Gingham Shorts *

MAYROAL Rainbow Swimshorts *

FRED PERRY Gingham Shirt *



ARCHIMEDE Rubber Sunglasses *

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Words by Junior Magazine Fashion Editor, Matthew Holroyd

Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: Nature

Before the camera and the ease of airplanes the Victorians were fascinated with presenting nature, opening gigantic taxidermy museums stuffed with exotic animals, beautiful glass structures housing tropical plants and butterflies, pretty water colours depicting bursting bouquets or elephant tusks to hang one’s dress coat on .

For SS11 not much has changed, although less brutal than the Victorians, fashion designers have enthusiastically used prints inspired by nature, wild flowers, leaves, country fields,  jungles and an assortment of exotic animals. Marimekko, the Finish company famous for their brightly coloured prints and simple styles in the sixties and seventies, is the inspiration for lots of the textiles for SS11, as is Liberty of London and references to artists such as Craigi Aitcheson’s and Henri Rousseau’s depiction of animal life. If print isn’t for you or your child, then another inspiration is outdoor wear, smart leather hiking boots, straw and canvas satchels for that country walk, giant sunhats, or multi-purpose belts and waist bags so your little one can carry all of your essentials!

PAUL SMITH Jumpsuit with Belt *

CARAMEL BABY Peacock Trousers *

SCOTCH & SODA Floral Shirt

CARAMEL BABY Pink Bugidy Bug Top *

VILBREQUIN Elephant Print Swimshorts

VANS Leopart Print *

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Words by Junior Magazine Fashion Editor, Matthew Holroyd

Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: Nautical

The sailor and sea trend was first introduced as non-service wear in 1846 on a four year old Prince Albert, Prince of Wales, who whilst on holiday on the Royal Yacht sported a sailor suit, delighting the nation so much, it began a trend for little boys.  Over the years it has translated into adult fashion, this season saw the menswear collection of Swedish brand Acne introduce minimalist denim sailor trousers and hats, but for SS11, kidswear had a distinctive thirties feel.

The thirties was an era where fabrics were really starting to evolve, stretch fabrics, zips and poppers were introduced, it was a decade of Modernism, rejecting the flamboyant feathers and beading of the twenties. The film, Death in Venice, originally adapted from the book by Thomas Mann, is the inspiration for this season’s nautical mood. Set in 1930’s Venice, starring Dirk Bogarde and Bjorn Anderson the film focuses on Tadzio, who whilst on holiday catches the attention of an elderly composer Gustav von Aschenbach. Fortunately Tadzio is from a rather wealthy family and dresses exquisitely for beach life, dashing cotton sailor suits, smart straw trilbies, sporty Jean Patou swimsuits and a fetching collection of nautical sweatshirts.

DIOR Striped Blue Dress

HACKETT Jacket (pre order this item by emailing [email protected])

SCOTCH & SODA Bandana (pre order this item by emailing [email protected])

ARCHIMEDE Striped Hat *

SCOTCH & SODA Boxer Shorts

PETIT BATEAU Striped Baby Grow


SCOTCH & SODA Nautical Shorts *

RACHEL RILEY Sailboat Swimsuit *


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Words by Junior Magazine Fashion Editor, Matthew Holroyd

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Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: Minimalism

The trend for minimalism is commonly seen after cultural oppression, so it is fitting that it has seen a resurrection in our current economic climate. We last saw minimalism in the early nineties when the economy was plagued with recession, pioneered by Calvin Klein and Prada. Fashion was stripped of fussy beading and instead saw clothing shaded in neutral tones and uncomplicated silhouettes.  Although this may sound a little stark for your joyous little one, kidswear designers have taken on the practicality of minimalism, Velcro and poppers are used for fastenings, fabrics are print free and shaded in neutral tones such as stone greys and snowy whites and silhouettes are easy-to-wear, functional and sporty.

DIOR Sleeveless Dress


DIOR White Baby Tee

MAYORAL Playsuit With Bow



MUNSTER Jumpsuit

Words by Junior Magazine Fashion Editor, Matthew Holroyd

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