Project B.O.B feature: Fred & Frank

Fred & Frank is one of the participating brands for ‘Project B.O.B’, an initiative where we invite you to Be.Our. Buyer.  AlexandAlexa is test driving three new kids’ brands and want you to decide who stays and who goes! Sign up to receive an exclusive 50% off introductory offer on our three trial brands this Friday 18 November – Sunday 20 November.

Fresh from Australia, Fred & Frank uses NYC inspired street style to create clothes with attitude for ‘celebabies’. Think cheeky graphic prints, contemporary cuts and standout accessories. Each piece is smart but relaxed, allowing kids to be themselves at every social occasion.

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51 Responses to “Project B.O.B feature: Fred & Frank”

  1. Connie Stivala says:

    Totally love these clothes and Fred&Frank. They rock!

  2. Mark Lowth says:

    Great clothes. Love that black jacket…

  3. Deryll Naidoo says:

    Good work from Team A&A. Great to see our brand in good company!

  4. Sevi Amanatidou says:

    Designer kids clothes

  5. Sharyn Weir says:

    Stocking fred & frank! Love their clothes…….

  6. Monie Pang says:


  7. Deshnee Moodley-schroter says:

    We currently have several items of clothing from the Fred&Frank new York range. Absolutely love it. Not only is it comfortable and functional for our 5 year old, it also has a point of difference in the playground. We have always found boys clothing to be somewhat dreary. Fred and frank is far from that. More importantly, our son loves to wear his clothing from the range. Having just got back from overseas, we found that the clothing also washed quite well. A big plus in my books. I look forward to seeing what’s next for Fred and frank.

  8. Nick Brown says:

    Great to see an Aussie Designer label in a Euro market!

  9. Tanya Tribuzio says:

    My little one has these clothes. They are pretty funky!

  10. Daniel says:

    Great clothes … my nieces and nephews love them and the comments that people make when they seem them in these clothes walking down the street put a smile on their parents faces – fantastic!

  11. Susnna Fichera says:

    Fred and Frank children clothes is amazing! Very trendy for all ages….it’s a must in all children’s wardrobes!!!

  12. Jana Wilkes says:

    Great Clothes. Great People. Great Brand. Please keep these guys around!


  13. I seriously love these clothes! My little girl dances around in her pink fred and frank dress all the time.

    Go Aussie brands

  14. Regina says:

    We have worked with these guys before and would love to see these clothes and accessories available in the UK.

  15. Wendy says:

    You rock Fred And Frank kids… please keep these guys around in London.

  16. Lucy Alasso says:

    When can I buy these clothes from alexa and alexa?

  17. Alda says:

    Fred & Frank have an amazing range of clothes and the quality is fantastic.

  18. fay says:

    Great brand, price and the quality is exceptional ! I find it hard to find funky, street cred wear for my little boy. F&F hit the mark….definitely worth my vote!


  19. BM says:

    I’m loving the designs from Fred&Frank… Keep them!!

  20. Anthony says:

    I have bought and love the range that Fred&Frank have to offer. My kids look amazing in them and the quality of the fabric is that of high end adult clothing. These guys know how to make your kids look glam… sometimes having the kids getting all the attention is lots more fun!

    Great job guys keep the kids looking cool!

  21. Tanya klinger says:

    looks great!

  22. Lucy Alasso says:

    Do Alex and Alexa stock these goodies? Love it

  23. Wendy says:

    My daughter wears these clothes…. Love fred and frank

  24. Connie Stivala says:

    Do fred and frank have celebabies? Love it!

  25. Tracey says:

    We currently stock these guy in Australia. V.Cool. Their jeans are from Japan and the best I have ever bought for my little boy.

  26. Tracey says:

    Good luck fred and frank kids


  27. Rachel Blake says:

    Well done fred and frank…. we salute your designer clothes

  28. Laura Neeson says:

    fred&frank kids rock our world!

  29. Jason Stivala says:

    Great looking kids clothes!

  30. Hannah Pickett says:

    Looks funky!

  31. Reth M says:

    What else is in their New York range? Do they have more tshirts?

  32. Luce Nav says:

    That kid looks trendy

  33. AlexandAlexa says:

    Hi Reth, a little bird told me that there may be plenty more T-shirt and singlet styles from the Fred & Frank New York Range available during ‘Be Our Buyer’ sale this Friday! I have added you to our mailing list to receive the secret link to the sale.

    The rest of the range includes urban essentials for boys and girls. Think denim, puffer jackets and dresses with bold graphics and bright injections of colour. We can’t get enough of their accessories; these will make great Christmas presents.

    To sign up for the sale click here

  34. AlexandAlexa says:

    We will be including Fred & Frank in our ‘Be Our Buyer’ sale this Friday, where you can try three cool new brands at 50% off for 72 hours only. Then we will ask our customers to choose their favourite brands to include in our permanent collection. I have signed you up to receive the secret link to the sale on Friday :-)

  35. Nazario Graziano says:

    I am working on a project with fred&frank for SS12. These guys are cool so please keep them around in the UK.


  36. andrea says:

    The kids LOVE Fred & Frank :)

  37. Chloe Matthys says:

    Sooooooo cute, great range and i cant wait to see the next collection. Cant get enough!

  38. Amaya Coutis says:

    I know the owners of this brand… they are carving a path for affordable designer wear for kids that dont hurt the pockets of Mums especially in this economy.

    Good luck FandFrank!

  39. Dean Lane says:

    Please include us in your sale this weekend

  40. Maree Cappola says:

    Love the fred&frank range of clothing and accessories. Recently bought the American Princess tee and Denim Shorts for my 3yo, paired with yellow leggings, this is a rocking look! Love your work fred&frank!

  41. Carol Appleton says:

    What lovely designs for my nieces:):):):) We’ll take that pink tee shirts thanks very much!!!


  42. Clara says:

    Dont you just love Aussie labels… My favourite is Sass and Bide and soon to be this one for my kids…

    When can I buy? Now?

  43. Carol says:

    I am loving Fred and Frank clothes!! A must for every little designer guy and gal!

  44. Fred Mousette says:

    Quand vont-ils avoir en stock ces vêtements en France? J’aime les regarder …

  45. Emma Hawking says:

    I give these guys 5 thumbs UP!!!! When can I see more of the range?

  46. Lisa Tribuzio says:

    Please include me on the list for this sale. How cute is that little kid with the funky hair…

  47. sam says:

    Love love Fred and franks best quality and great service

  48. Vanessa says:

    Fred&Frank are one of my favourite children’s wear labels – I buy my children everything in the range every season
    I find that they always get complimented on what they are wearing and the value for money is also a plus!

  49. Kasia says:

    Very cool, love Fred & Frank.

  50. Little Geoffrey says:

    My future kids will love these clothes!

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