Amore Di Mamma Kids

Made with love from Germany these mini garments from Amore Di Mamma don’t hold back on luxury fabrics. The SS12 collection features cashmere blend knits, 100% cotton canvas sailing jackets and original print pinafores. This collection is one of four European brands that are featuring in this month’s ‘Be Our Buyer’ secret shopping event. Registered shoppers will be able to test drive Amore Di Mamma at an introductory price.

We love how this collection teams SS12’s signature electric yellow with Beige and navy to make wearable additions for any little wardrobe. This lovely striped jumper is a cashmere cotton blend, making it delightfully soft but leaving it machine washable.


Amore Di Mamma Cashmere Blend Pullover

So often it is the small boutique brands that are the real innovators in the kids’ fashion space. Amore Di Mamma’s ‘design-conscious’ approach to dressing has led to the brand being featured in the likes of Collezioni Bambini and Junior Magazine. They understand that parents want nothing but the best for their children: the smartest designs, the finest materials, the right style.

Amore Di Mamma designs beautiful pieces with both child and parent in mind.We think Amore Di Mamma has a place in any wardrobe, now we want to know what our shoppers think. Register if you haven’t already to receive a secret email link to the sale this Friday 17 February. Get in quick; this is a rare opportunity to pick up some fantastic Amore Di Mamma pieces at half price! The shopping event will only run for 72 hours or while stocks last.

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