Christina Moss' TOP 5 PICKS From

Christina Moss' Top 5 from

Christina Moss, one of the founders of Bloom and Blossom (the premium skincare range for mothers, mother’s to be and babies we have been talking about on the blog this whole week) was kind enough to bring her organisations use of minimum ingredients for maximum effect to the children’s fashion world by choosing FIVE ‘ingredients’ for kids SS10 wardrobes, which are sure to have ‘maximum effect’ on your children’s Spring Summer style.

Here is Christina’s TOP 5:


HACKETT waterproof jacket, £100.00

“What a great colour – my new nephew will look gorgeous in this when he eventually fits into it!”

Red Hackett Jacket



LITTLE MARC JACOBS stripe pink shoes, £100.00

“I love thses cute pumps from Little Mark Jacobs. They are so fun and just perfect for summer.”



RACHEL RILEY ice cream outfit, £38.00

“Such a pretty outfit, beautiful print and delicate colour 0 just what a little baby girl should be wearing!”



CHLOE lime yellow skirt, £35.00

“It is such a beautiful cut and delicate colour – I want one!”

CHLOE lime yellow skirt



ANNE-CLAIRE PETIT stripey bear, £36.00

“Such a perfect gift for all new arrivals – no plastic in sight”

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  1. STANLEY says:

    Great Picks Christina!

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