Makedo: For Little Cardboard Box Remodelers

Most of us will remember, a time in childhood, when you turned a simple cardboard box into something amazing.

Perhaps it was a rainy day when you were about four. Perhaps your mum had put your little sisters down for a nap and it was your special mummy-eldest daughter time. Perhaps your mum had just bought a new appliance which left a large empty box when un packed. Perhaps your mum decided you should make a stove together. Perhaps, you spent the afternoon painting the box pink, creating elements out of tin foil, temperature knobs out painted of jar lids and so on. And, perhaps, it was the pride and joy of your playroom until a jealous play date destroyed it, just to stop you from bragging. Just perhaps.

Most adults have a hypothetical story similar to this, and every holiday or birthday, you will watch your children become far more interested in the box the gift came in than the actual gift itself. It is no secret that kids love to play with cardboard boxes, transforming them into everything from forts to robots.

One clever parent, inspired by his son’s passion for ‘cardboard box remodelling’, came up with Makedo, which is a construction set containing clips, hinges and a miniature saw allowing children to safely combine them with found materials and assemble anything they can dream.

The idea is to inspire social change through creativity, enabling unwanted objects that would normally be binned a new chance at life.

The Makedo website is a great place to pull inspiration from for projects you and the kids can do, or to share your own creative constructions as users have sent in pictures of things they have made with their kids, ranging from incredible forts and cars to costumes and creatures.

You can find Makedo at

How to makedo – extended from MAKEDO on Vimeo.

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The Apple of your Eye



This fun craft is a great gift for teachers and can also be made into a pin!


What You Will Need
    Red Pom-pom
    Pony Bead
    Craft Foam, Felt or Construction Paper
    Ribbon or Yarn
    Craft Glue


What to Do:
    1. Put a glue on the side of the bead making sure not to cover or block the holes

2. Stick the bead onto the pom-pom

3. Cut out two small leaf shapes from the green felt/foam or construction paper and glue them to either side of the

bead near the holes (but don’t cover the holes!)

4. Once the glue has dried, string the bead onto a piece of ribbon or yarn


*If you like, you can cut facial features out of felt, craft foam, or construction paper and glue them onto the pom-pom

to make a smiling apple.

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Kitchen Critter Craft



Sometimes family fun can be as simple as making use of what you have around the house. This is a fun and

easy craft for kids of all ages that won’t make too much of a mess and can be great fridge decoration!


What You Will Need

Kitchen utensils

Construction paper.




Paper scraps, buttons, feathers, pom-poms, ribbon etc.



What To Do

1. Using the pencil, trace the utensil shape onto the paper.

2. Cut out the shape

3. Give your kids the craft supplies and let their imaginations run wild!

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Your Very Own Bonfire!

If the weather is making you want to stay indoors, you can still celebrate bonfire night from the

warmth of your own home tonight with the kids with this quick and easy craft!


What you’ll need:

  • Soup can
  • Red, yellow and orange tissue paper/construction paper
  • White craft glue

How to make it:

  1. Clean and dry the soup can.
  2. Line the inside of the can with white glue.
  3. Put a piece of red tissue paper inside the can.
  4. Put a piece of orange tissue paper into the red tissue paper.
  5. Put a piece of yellow tissue paper into the orange tissue paper.
  6. Let dry.


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