Contemporary Keepsakes from Flamecat

November 11th, 2009 Lifestyle |
Contemporary Keepsakes from Flamecat

Sometimes the best keepsakes are handmade, and the most memorable are the ones that remind you of your children

when they were small and sweet.


Preserving memories can be harder than you think, especially with  the new ones that are created each day as

your little ones run, jump and twirl through life. 


But luckily, there are ways of capturing some of these moments, through photographs, drawings, videos and of course,

art. One unique artistic option is Flamecat,  a company which allows you to take some of your best kept memories and

make them tangible by creating quality, handcrafted, contemporary pieces through a range of unique enamel keepsakes.


Operating in South East London, the family run business, owned by husband and wife team, Vicky

and Dougal Linnett, has been creating child inspired keepsakes since June of 2009. Many of their products have

been developed through experimentation with keepsakes from Vicky and Dougal’s own three children, allowing them

to create a unique product line that is sure to make a memorible gift for both the holiday season and everyday life.


Baby Handprint and Footprint

Baby Handprint and Footprint

Contemporary Handprint

Contemporary Handprint

Family combo 1

Children's Drawing and Handprint Combo


If you are intersted in flamecat art, you can order online, by post, or visit the Flamecat family at the

Greenwich Covered Market November 15, 29 and December 12 from 10:00-17:30.


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