3 Star Wars Picks To Celebrate Announcement Of A 3D Star Wars Movie!

Star Wars director and franchise owner, George Lucas, announced today that all six films in the series will be converted into 3D.

If your little ones are fans of the series, or just enjoy 3D entertainment, they are sure to be excited about the news.

To celebrate the announcement, we put together our three best Star Wars offerings for your little War-ian (yes, we made that term up):

1. Fabric Flavours Star Wars Tee, £16.00

2. Munster Peacemaker Tee, £15.00

3. Scanimation Animated Star Wars Book, £10.99

Mini Model: Tennessee

In our back to school shoot, we had many models, and one of our favourites was little Tennesee who came to set with her equally gorgeous mum to be part of the shoot. We had a chat with Tennesee during the set lunch to find out a little about this fabulous mini model.

How old are you?

I just turned 9!

And which country were you born in?


What Languages do you speak?

English, but I am studying really hard at my French in school

How long have you been modelling and what made you decide to be a model?

This is only my second photoshoot. The first one I did ever was last Christmas for Disney and we just played with toys and pretended it was Christmas morning. It was really fun, but not as fun as this photoshoot because there is way more kids here; last time there was only one.

What is the best thing about being a model?

The clothing! It is like playing dress up all the time.

What is your favourite outfit you wore on the last Alexandalexa.com photoshoot and why?

The one with the crown, I felt like a princess. (Tennessee was wearing Moschino white glitter high tops, Ralph Lauren pink frill dress, Costume Crown and Candy Bracelets)

What kinds of clothing do you like to wear at the weekend (what is your personal style)?

Leggings and tights with like a long shirt or a dress, my favourite colours to wear are orange or green.

What is your favourite kind of music and who is your favourite band?

Beyonce, she is so good.

What is your favourite food?

All food…but I really like fish and chips.

What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

I want to be a makeup artist and do hair just like Christina did on set for us.

What is your favourite subject in School and why?

English, I love grammar and I love reading!

What did you do over your summer holidays?

I went to the park and played with my friends and had picnics, it was so nice, I love summer.


In The News: Alexandalexa.com in Angels & Urchins’ Animal Feature

This month, Angels & Urchins featured Alexandalexa.com in their Autumn 10 magazine. We loved being included and espeically loved that they also noticed the kingdom Animalia influence in kids fashion this season with almost every animal from from rabbits, cats and puppies to horses, bears and crocs making appearances on shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories.

Just incase you want a closer look at the pieces they included of ours, here they are:

MUCHACHA Long Sleeve Rabbit Tee, £59.60

MUCHACHA Two Rabbits’ Dress, £86.00

FINGER IN THE NOSE Bear Print Long Sleeve Tee, £40.00

Timberland Kids

In 1917, Nathan Swartz, a Russian immigrant and cobbler, arrived in New England to work at the industrial footwear manufacturer, Abington Shoe Company. After many years as an employee, Swartz and his two sons bought the company when it went up for sale in 1955.

Ten years later, the family released the world’s first genuinely waterproof leather boot, the same famous yellow boot that is iconic to the brand today.

Though the boot was intended for the likes of lumberjacks, in the 1980s, the boot was picked up by urban fashion lovers as a practical, yet stylish piece of footwear.

Their functional designs, now translated into the world of kidswear, offer your outdoorsy kiddies practical and comfortable clothing for all of their mini adventures, without compromising style. And like all kidswear brands should be, each item is built to last.

For their AW10 collection, their motto of “comfortable to wear day, rugged enough to wear all year” rings true with classic, practical and fashionable choices for your active little ones with Puffer Jackets, Gilets, Hats, Mitts, Scarves, Trousers, Check Shirts, Printed Tees and plenty of Footwear

To introduce the Timberland Kids Collection to our Alexandalexa.com customers, we are offering 10% off your Timberland purchase until Monday, October 11, 2010, just enter TLWTIM during the checkout process!

Shop the Timberland Kids Collection

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