My Day With Dior’s Rene Gruau

When we first heard about Somerset Houses Dior Illustrated Exhibition and the workshop to go along with it, we knew we  had to go. Unfortunately, to get into the workshop, we needed a child between the ages of 6 and 12, so, we put a call out on our Twitter for mums with children interested in art and fashion and quickly got a response from Hareena and her daughter Muskeen.

Hareena, who will soon be launching her own clothing website, wrote to us about her daughter Muskeen’s interest in illustration and art and her budding love for fashion, which was exactly what we are looking for.

So, armed with only a camera, a note book, acute artistic skills and of course fantastic fashion sense, we sent 9-year-old Muskeen and her mum to Someset House  to see what all the fuss was about.

My Day At Somerset House

by Muskeen (Age 9) 


 10:06 am: Getting ready to go is easy with my new No Added Sugar dress from, it is a cold winter morning, but with my tights and my Uggs I am cosy! 


11:05 am: After arriving at Charing Cross Station, we take a nice stroll along the Strand when suddenly we hear a loud rumbling sound – I am very hungry by now! We finally reach the shops and find ourself inside a nice little cafe, we choose a delicious sandwich and some fresh orange juice, yum!


12.15 pm: We arrive at Summerset House.


13.00 pm: We register and receive our tickets! We have time to get a Chocolate Mud Cookie and check out some of the exhibitions that are going on…they are fabulous.


14.00 pm: Clipboards and pencils ready: entering the Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty Exhibition and Workshop. The lady who is showing us around is very nice and we see some fantastic work. I am jotting and drawing things down about Rene Gruau’s original illustrations for Christian Dior. I heard one girl say ‘He created some of the most iconic fashion images of the 20th century’, wow!

I find out that Rene Gruau’s art work is very simple and he only used a small palette of colours and really expresses his feelings!


14.34 pm: Now we head of to the workshop, its in a room with a high arch. Now what I did here! All the parents have to dress up (I helped my mum choose!) It is hilarious seeing my mum dressed up like this! We use water colours and felt tips to paint our parents Rene Gruau style. I am very pleased with all my art work!


15.30 pm: At the end we each choose our favourite picture out of the three and hang them up and make a little gallery of our own. Just like Dior!

Mini Models: Taylor & Sophie

As the photoshoot commenced for our Christmas Magazine, our set quickly filled up with wonderful winter props and marvellous mini models.

We were happy to see some familiar faces including one mini model, Taylor, who had been on our SS11 Lookbook Photoshoot a few months ago. We had come to know Taylor as the ‘shy one’ from our last shoot, but this time, perhaps feeling more comfortable in the familiarity of it all, Taylor was quite suddenly very charismatic and outgoing .

Taylor and her partner in crime, mini model Sophie (who was on our set for the first time), were sweet as can be together and we thought doing the mini model interview in pairs would be much more fun, after all, two heads are better than one right? Especially two charming photogenic heads!

What do you like about these clothes?

Taylor:  I like them as they are Christmassy and pretty to wear.

Sophie: They are really grown up.

What is your favourite outfit that you wore today?

Taylor: The red trousers outfit, I really liked the hat. (D&G Red Trousers, CHLOE Pleated White Shirt and D&G Red Bobble Hat)

Sophie: I really wanted to wear the fur coat by Rachel Riley. I loved it, I even asked my mum to buy it but she wouldn’t!

Who is your favourite musical artist?

Taylor: Tinchy Stryder

Sophie:Miley Cyrus and N-Dubz

What is your favourite food?

Taylor: Spaghetti Bolognese! Yum. I am hungry can I have a croissant?

Sophie: cucumber and chicken korma….but not together

What type of clothing do you wear at the weekend?

Taylor: My white Ralph Lauren polo top and jogging bottoms. I like to be comfy and run around.

Sophie: Uggs and leggings and a nice top.

What is your favourite colour?

Taylor: Baby blue

Sophie: Blue

Do you have any hobbies?

Taylor: I do Karate!

What is happening at school today?

Taylor:  It is children in need today so my school is having a fête and face painting.

Sophie: You are lucky I am doing literacy. Boring.

What is the most boring shoot you have done?

Taylor: I had to do a fitting for an Italian magazine the other day and they were all speaking Italian so I couldn’t understand them and I just had to stand there for ages.

What is the best shoot you have done?

Taylor: This one!

Sophie: yea, this one! I like playing with the snow but the fog machine scares me a bit.(

(We promise we didn’t pay them to say that)

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