Tiny Trends: Starry, Starry Skies

Throughout time, staring at the stars above has been a popular pastime for children and adults alike. Though in our former years, too much interest in the stars may have caused us problems with our peers, this year, Fashion has made astronomy ‘cool’ with various designers using space inspired prints for their collections.

Christopher Kane is one such designer, and though he does not have a children’s clothing line, Australian brand, Munster, does and has included a similar print and design in their SS11 collection.

Boy’s Shirt – MUNSTER Galaxy Print T-Shirt (AlexandAlexa.com)

Girl’s Dress – MUNSTER Galaxy Print Dress (AlexandAlexa.com)

Alexa Chung’s Dress – CHRISTOPHER KANE Sleeveless Satin Dress (Matches.com)

Men’s Shirt – CHRISTOPHER KANE Galaxy-Print T-Shirt (BrownsFashion.com)

Women’s Dress – CHRISTOPHER KANE Galaxy-print T-Shirt (Net-A-Porter.com)

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