SS11 Swimsuit Trends


1)ARCHIMEDE Pink Buoyancy Swimming Costume

2) RALPH LAUREN Multi Patch Swimsuit With Navy Frill

3)RALPH LAUREN Pink Frill Bikini Set

4)RALPH LAUREN Orange Swim Shorts with Large Logo

5) RACHEL RILEY Yellow and White Polka Dot Bikini

6) FRED PERRY Turquoise Swim Shorts



1) ARCHIMEDE Rose Pink Buoyancy Swimming Costume

2) LITTLE PAUL & JOE Chacha Flower Print Bikini

3) PATE DE SABLE Lavender Polka-Dot Bikini Bottoms

4) VILEBREQUIN Red and White Flower Print Swimshorts

5) D&G JUNIOR Frill Bikini Set with Floral Print

6) KIWI Blue Hawaii Print Swim Shorts

7) D&G JUNIOR Fuchsia Floral Swimsuit



1)PATE DE SABLE Glossy Starfish Print Swimsuit

2) KIWI Pink Crab Print Swim Shorts

3) D&G JUNIOR Fish Print Two Piece Bandeau Bikini

4) KIWI White Marine Print Swim Shorts

5) VILEBREQUIN Lime Coral Print Swimshorts

6) PATE DE SABLE Turquoise Aquarium Print Swimsuit



1) PATE DE SABLE Multi-Colour Stripe Swimsuit

2) MAYORAL White and Navy Stripe Bikini with Pink Trims

3) PAUL SMITH JUNIOR Blue Striped Swim Shorts

4) MAYORAL Pink and White Bikini Bottoms

5) PAUL SMITH JUNIOR Multi-Coloured Striped Swimshorts

6) ARCHIMEDE Red and Navy Striped Buoyancy Swimsuit

7) MAYORAL Rainbow Striped Swim Shorts



This Little Piggy Went To Prada



Had the Sex and the City movie had a scene where Charlotte read her little ones a story, This Little Piggy went to Prada would have been on the shelf. The luxurious, linen-bound,unconventional nursery rhyme book depicts luxury in illustrative and poetic form using the classic This Little Piggy verse and a number of other classic nursery rhymes with a fasionable twist, perfect for mini-fashionistas in the making!

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Fund Friendly Finds


BABY ISSA Pink Spot Anja Dress, £97.00

MAYORAL Pink Polka-Dot Dress, £24.00



KIWI Blue Hibiscus Print Swim Shorts £43.00

MAYORAL White and Navy Stripe Bikini With Pink Trim. £20.00



TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Red and White Check Bikini Bottoms, £33.00

MILI B Red Gingham Frill Knickers, £8.00



TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Navy Short Sleeve Polo Body, £63.00

PETIT BATEAU Dark Blue Polo Bodysuit, £10.00




My Favourite Summer Peices by Esther from Babyccino Kids



One of our all time favourite blogs here at is blog Babyccino Kids. Written by three friends scattered across Europe (London, Paris, and Amsterdam), they offer an interesting international perspective on modern family life.

We were lucky enough to have one of the three ladies, Esther van de Paal (who lives in Amsterdame with her husband and three children), do a guest post for us, choosing her favourite pieces for girls, boys and babies.


I just love the combination of wellies, shorts and a fisherman’s hat on every little boy. It’s just so classic, and playful and adventurous at the same time! Of course the shorts need pockets — where else should all those little treasures, that boys are always gathering, be kept? The striped Petit Bateau hoodie belong’s in every boy’s wardrobe — again, it’s so classic, but oh so trendy this summer! And how fun is the T-shirt, where the colourful zebra ask the black and white zebra: “new socks?” (He’s wearing the same colourful, stripy socks as I featured in this look!!). My own son would go crazy over that airplane toy — you can attach it to a bike so it flies with you. So cool!!

AEROPLANE: Vilac aeroplane bicycle accessory, £6.00

CAR: Vilac red speedster collectors’ car, £46.50

T-SHIRT: Paul Smith Junior blue zebra tee, £33.00

SOCKS: Paul Smith Junior multi-coloured striped socks, £16.00

SHORTS: D&G Junior khaki green safari shorts, £126.00

WELLIES: Aigle khaki wellington boots, £24.00

HAT: Sterntaler navy and red fisherman hat, £12.00



This look is so cool, it’s classy and retro, but hip and trendy at the same time. I’m loving the clogs I see everywhere this summer; especially combined with cute shorts like these! The stripy tank is so fun, and it ads innocence to the look. I think it works well combined with the colourful cardigan! The Sasek books are a favourite in our house, and especially the ‘This is London’ one (our two oldest children were born in London).

TANK: No Added Sugar navy and vanilla stripe smiler tank, £23.00

SCARF: Dior inkblue silk polkadot scarf, £49.95

CARDIGAN: Paul Smith Junior multi-coloured starlette stripe cardigan, £74.00

SANDALS: Stella McCartney red linda cork sandals, £90.00

SHORTS: Chloe charcoal shorts with bow, £65.00

HAT: Burberry red hat with nova check lining, £30.00



So cute, that red bubbly romper. Any little baby girl will look effortlessly adorable in it, and how cute is it combined with those tiny sandals? Just add a frilly checked sunhat and a cute cardigan for when it gets chilly (how adorable are the ducks???) and voila. All set. Our baby Ava has a similar silver rattle and it has been a favourite toy since she was born. Such a lovely gift, and surely a keepsake for the rest of her life! (I still have my own silver baby rattle.)

SUNHAT: Sterntaler red gingham frill summer hat, £14.00

ROMPER: Tartine Et Chocolat Red Bloomer Style Romper, £56.00

SANDALS: Tip Toey Joey white parky sandals, £33.00

CARDIGAN: Rachel Riley cream cardigan with embroidered chicks, £69.00

RATTLE: Noel Collet sterling silver ‘etoile’ rattle, £56.00

BIKINI BOTTOMS: Tartine Et Chocolat red and white check bikini bottoms, £33.00



Loving the stripes here, and how cute is the fact that Jack (in the box) is featuring them too? The little playsuit is adorable, it will show that little baby belly sticking out, which I always love. The cardigan ads a bolder element to the selection — I’m loving the chunky knit and grandfather style. Sweet. And those magnetic Vilac cars are great, they come apart in three parts, and are easily clicked together again. (So they can conveniently start practising how to fix cars at a very early age.)

ROMPER: Petit Bateau white and blue striped submarine romper suit, £13.00

CARDIGAN: Bonnie Baby kelp thick knit cardigan, £31.00

SOCKS: Falke navy and off white striped socks, £4.00

SANDALS: Tip Toey Joey navy blue parky sandals, £33.00

HAT: Timberland Kids baby blue fisherman hat, £18.00

JACK IN A BOX: Vilac peter pirate jack in a box, £23.50

TAXI: Vilac magnetic car set, £16.50


- Words and Images by Esther of -

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