Watch to Watch, ToyWatch!

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The ToyWatch was created in 2005 by Milan-based designer and wristwatch aficionado Marcho Mavilla.  ToyWatch uses a chunky toy-like aesthetic to make an anti-luxury statement. Somewhat ironically the ToyWatch has become the ultimate ‘It’ watch to the A-list with fans like Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and Madonna.

Small Orange Jelly Toy Watch

Small orange Jelly ToyWatch at

White and Silver Plastic Toy Watch in Gift Box at

White and silver plastic ToyWatch in Gift Box at

Blue and Black Plastic Toy Watch

Blue and black plastic ToyWatch at


As seen in: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Instyle, Glamour, Elle, People, Teen Vogue, News Week, GQ, Allure & Newsweek


 The ToyWatch range is new to AlexandAlexa and is the ultimate statement piece next to fall brights! Check out the selection including the ‘build your own’ ToyToy ToyWatch gift set for young children. ToyWatch products on AlexandAlexa fit ages 6 years to adults.

So is ToyWatch for kids? Let’s just say this might be a present you end up borrowing…

Ashley Tisdale White Toy Watch Plasteramic

Ashley Tisdale wearing the hit white ToyWatch Plasteramic


Michelle Obama with neon purple Toy Watch

We love Michelle Obama with her neon purple ToyWatch

Miley Cyrus wearing toywatch

Miley Cyrus out wearing her ToyWatch, image courtesy of

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