Children’s Activity Books by Maggie & Rose


Maggie & Rose, This book is totally chrismassyOur friends from London’s premier children’s club, Maggie & Rose, published a collection of children’s activity books earlier this year, we are lucky enough to have their latest Christmas edition in time for the holidays. These quirky activity books will occupy children for hours, perfect for keeping them good on visits to relatives or when travelling.


The 32 page book follows the adventures of Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley as they learn through Christmas activities for children. Activities include making thank-you notes, reindeer snacks and homemade Christmas decorations. Each of the Maggie & Rose books contains games, ideas for things to make and creative activities for children 3 years and up. Make these stocking fillers extra special by teaming them with quality art supplies from our gift shop.


The team at Maggie and Rose are experts at keeping children entertained. The Kensington based club is headed up by mother and founder Maggie Bolger. She started the club with a vision to create a “home away from home” where parents could relax and children could let their imaginations run wild.


Earlier this year we organised a Mum’s get-together at Maggie and Rose, covered here by blogger Bianca Wessel.


You can find all of the Maggie & Rose collection online at AlexandAlexa. Try ‘Totally Makes Stuff Grow’, for aspiring gardeners or This Book is totally Rubbish for little eco warriors.

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