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Picture copyright Mary Fogg 2011

Last week we asked Cheshire based mum and blogger, Mary Fogg, to profile one of our The Little Experience craft kits for kids. Mary is something of a craft authority with her blog Mary Poppins recently appearing in Popular Crafts Magazine as one of their sites to be seen. Read on to see what Mary thought of The Little Experience kit set and discover why it was a perfect project for her young daughter.

The following is an excerpt from the Mary Poppins craft blog -

Mary Fogg

There is nothing quite as nice as settling down to some afternoon Christmas television whilst doing some Arts And Crafts with the children. I really liked the look of The Little Experience Stitch-It Lucy & Alfie Kit that was sent for Miss. Poppins to have a little play with and to see what she and I thought of it.

This kit includes everything you would need to make up your very own Lucy & Alfie figures, along with a very stylish handbag. You get fabric, stuffing, scissors, a needle, thread all of which come packed in its very own adorable pink polka dot mini suitcase.

I have to say everything was of such high quality and I was very impressed with how it looked, really child friendly, and with an age range of 6-12 yrs, it really would make a lovely gift for any little girl who enjoys arts and crafts. Indeed my daughter, who especially loves dogs, couldn’t wait to get everything out and follow the easy instructions….

Picture copyright Mary Fogg 2011

The little experience for girlsThe Little experience for girls

We both really liked that Lucy and her oh so cute dog Alfie are printed onto organic cotton fabric….

The Little Experience


With really simple cut it….then stitch it instructions….

So, how did we (or should I say my daughter) do? Well she really did find the sturdy needle and thick thread a doddle to use and so, so simple. You literally cut around the edges of your figures and handbag, then place together and stitch along the dotted lines. It even tells you when to start and stop, ready for stuffing. She couldn’t wait to get going on Alfie the dog, so I left her to do all the cutting, stitching and stuffing, and I have to say, Alfie has turned out superbly.


He really is rather sweet….

She got a little distracted with Christmas preparations so didn’t quite finish Lucy and the handbag, but now she knows how quick and simple it is, I am sure Alfie won’t be without his owner for very long.

So, a really lovely high quality product that in my opinion would make a perfect gift for a special someone. I think it is just the sweetest thing for a child to hand make something of their very own and in this case when Lucy & Alfie have been made, the child’s imagination really can run wild  as these new handmade toys come to life and go on little adventures with their maker. I also think the suitcase is such a lovely idea and is a cute item in its own right, perfectly pretty and useful storage that I know any girl would love to keep her treasures in.



Excerpt ends - 


If you enjoyed this post you should read more from the Mary Poppins blog, it is filled with craft inspiration with original photographs. Join Mary’s facebook pagewith over 5000 fans to stay up to date with her latest craft projects.

Picture copyright Mary Fogg 2011


She also sells some of her creations via her online shop ‘Polka Dots And Posies. We absolutely love this personalised girls bunting. For only £20 you can have a totally unique gift,  lovingly handmade!

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