Hackett: Clothes That Wear In, Not Out




Classic clothing has long been underrated, the fabric, tailoring and shape of vintage clothing is far more

flattering, interesting and classy than the clothing we find on most high streets today.


Clothing of the past had a lot more thought put into it, whether it is grandma’s first Chanel suit or mums

embroidered hippie top, the clothing is a work of art, rather than a means to an end.


Luckily, luxury clothing brand, Hackett believes the same thing, creating classic British clothing and

accessories which cater to the head to toe needs of men of all ages who wish to dress stylishly and to

whom quality is more important than the every changing carousal of mainstream fashion.


When Hackett founders, Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings meet, they were both searching

in Portobello Road for good second-hand traditional British men’s clothing. A partnership soon

followed with the two men setting up a stall for themselves in Portobello, selling second hand clothing

they had collected, cleaned and repaired.


What soon developed is the Hackett you see today, a company whose aims to dress men for any occasion

in essential British kit.  Their ‘Little Britons’ range caters for the younger “man’s” needs, the little gentleman,

supplying quintessential style to sophisticated kids.


Quality certainly prevails in the current children’s collection, with classic cut shirts, jackets and trousers in

fine fabrics, hallmarked with unique details.


There are outfit choices suited to all occasions this season, from smart events to outdoor sports, including

the exclusive Aston Martin collaborative range, fashioned for budding racers, all found, online, at



Hackett: Dark Denim Jeans, £45.003844-0



Hackett: Navy Tailored Jacket, £130.00




Hackett: Regimental Stripe Tie, £20.00




Hackett: Aston Martin Bomber Jacket: New Season Hacket, £90.00




Hackett: Fuchsia Pink Elephant logo polo, £40.00



Tasty Chicken Quesadillas


Culturing your kids’ taste buds can be quicker and easier than you imagined, like this Mexican favourite that is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare!

What You Will Need:

2/3 cup grated cheese

4 chicken breasts, chopped up

1/4 cup finely chopped green onion

A package of flour tortillas

1 Cup Salsa

Sour Cream

What To Do:

  1. Combine chicken and salsa in bowl, onions and cheese.
  2. Lay the tortillas out on the counter and divide the mixture between four tortillas
  3. Cover the mixture with another tortilla, like you are making a sandwich with tortillas, mixture in the middle, tortillas on the outside.
  4. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and use a spray or a small amount of oil to cover the surface
  5. Place a tortilla ‘sandwich’ on the skillet  and heat for 2 minutes
  6. Turn the tortilla over and heat for another 2 minutes until the cheese is melted
  7. Repeat with the rest of the tortilla ‘sandwiches’
  8. Cut heated tortillas into four, six or eight, much like you would cut a pizza
  9. Serve with Salsa and Sour Cream!

Out and About: Week 05



What: Saturday Film

Where: Barbican Centre, Silk St., EC2Y 8DS, 020 7638 8891, www.barbican.org.uk

When: Saturday, February 6 – Saturday, February 27

Price: Barbican Memberships are £20.00 Year, Visit the website for individual tickets

About: The art of traditional hand-drawn animation may now be a thing of the past, but Disney’s most recent film,

The Princess and the Frog, the animation we all grew up with is back and to celebrate, The Barbican Centre is

celebrating with a season of the finest hand-drawn Disney feature films.






What: Moscow State Circus

Where: Fairfield Halls, Park Ln., Croydon, CR9 1DG, 020 8688 9291, www.fairfield.co.uk 

When: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 17:00 & 20:00

Price: Kids £12.00, Adults £16.00-£24.50 (depending on seating choice)

About: Award winning show with Russia’s best circus performers including a double Russian swing troupe,

acrobats and more!







What: Dr. Suess’s The Cat in the Hat

Where: Young Vic, 66 The Cut, SE1 8LZ, 0207 992 2922, www.youngvic.org

When: Saturday, February 13,  10:30 & 13:30,

Price: £10.00

About: Perfect for your 3-6’s, this 45-minute production of Dr. Seuss’s much-loved book about a mischievous cat

in a red and white striped hat.






What: Seating for Kids

Where: V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA, 020 8983 5200, www.vam.ac.uk/moc

When: February 6 – January 13, 10:00 – 17:45

Price: FREE

About: 80 examples of seating made for children in the past 400 years including school chairs,

armchairs, saddles, swings, highchairs and potties!

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