LONDON FASHION WEEK: Little Marc Jacobs Bows, Stripes & Monsters

With London fashion week firmly underway, we celebrate the front line in luxury wears for little ones with a

focus on our favorite designers of luxury kidswear.

From the catwalk to your kids’ closets, we can’t help but love what luxury designer kidswear is doing this season.

With a colour palette focusing of blues and pinks, Marc’s stylish casual wear brings your children’s wardrobe

through spring and right into summer.

We love his use of bows, stripes and child like sketches which make his fashion friendly clothing, kid friendly too.

To take a closer look at Marc Jacob’s spring and summer line for this season, visit


Here are our Top 6 from Little Marc Jacobs’ SS10 offers, as seen in our collague above!


Little Marc Jacobs: Purple Little Marc Jacobs Dress, £77.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Royal Blue Bow Front Cardigan, £79.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Pink Vest With Bow Design, £33.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Blue Dress With Multi Spring Design, £77.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Denim Skinny Jeans, £65.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Cream LMJ Vest, £44.00


Luxo Cribs

With the speed at which children seem to grow up these days, having stylish furniture in their nursery that grows

with them is anything but bad. It is better for the environment and for your pocket, giving you years of use out

of your purchase.

The Luxo Crib by bloom is a great example of a ‘growing nursery’ item, as it converts from a crib to a toddler bed

and even folds for easy storage after you have had your years of use from it.

 The unique design and curved clean lines omit a modern European style, perfect for your little ones slumber and your

designer eye.

You can find Luxo Cribs at

Get that Loving D&G Junior Look

Dolce and Gabanna Junior’s spring summer 2010 looks, take you to the Riviera in lightweight denims and floaty dresses.

This look, picked out for us from the fab stylist at,  features fun dark denim wide leg dungarees,

a sweet navy sleeveless vest that shows you the love and the very handy all over denim changing bag with a fold out

changing mat, red leather detailing, triple pocket functionality, three zip fastening, alternative straps and a D&G



D&G Junior: Dark Denim Dungarees, £165.00


D&G Junior: Red Denim Changing Bag With Mat, £495.00


D&G Junior: Navy Sleeveless Heart Tee, £78.00


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