Save written correspondence with Little Page stationery


It seems in this world of emails, facebook chats, tweets and bbm, by the time our children are

adults, hand written letters, invitations, thank you cards and birth announcments will be a thing

of the past.

But there is a way to stop this decline of personalized communication, by encourageing our children to

love their stationery, and Little Page is the perfect stationery company for kids and adults


With its personalised thank-you notes, correspondence cards, party invitations, christening invites and

birth announcements, Little Page makes writing those post birthday thank you cards fun.

Produced locally in St Cuthber’s Mill in Somerset, all of the stationery is printed on sturdy artists’ card and

comes with recycled-paper envelopes, so you can teach your kids about being eco frienly as well.

To take a peep at a few of their designs, go to

Playtents plus Children equal Fun!

As the weather warms up…slowly…the need for toys that allow your kids to explore and play 

make-believe, are a must.

But you don’t want to be spending money on toys that you will just be hidden away for the winter 

when some finally does roll around. The best remidy to this situation are indoor outdoor toys that 

your kids can enjoy all year round, like forts and playtents, which leads us to our list of:

Top 4 Indoor Outdoor Playtents 


Wigwam, £69.00 




Cardboard Rocket to the Moon, £39.00 



Castle Playtent, £23.95 



Patchwork Table Tent, £59.99 

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