Get That Juicy Couture Look



The Juicy Couture world, which originally began as a Californian maternity wear label in 1994, injects glitz and fun into

lounge wear, from hot pink velour tracksuits to faux fur silk-trimmed jackets, all girly and all fun.


Get this playful outfit for your little one. The blue jeggings with gold detailed logo and white Juicy tee with multi design,

combine practicality and fashion, the best of both worlds!


Juicy Couture: Dark Denim Jeggings, £47.50



Juicy Couture: White Juicy Multi Design Tee, £45.00


Chloë Owens Contemporary Keepsakes



When most women prepare to have their first child, they think of all the sweet mummy things they can do for that

child, create a scrap book of their every move, buy them the best designer clothing, keep a baby journal, make their

baby food from scratch, sew little keepsake gifts…the list goes on.


But the problem with all those promises to yourself  is that once the little bundle of joy is born, you barely have

enough energy to shower, never mind daily scrapbooking and sewing projects, no matter how crafty you are.


Lukily, for those that desire meaningful keepsake gifts for their child, but just don’t have the time to make them,

Chloë Owens is here with her contemporary textile practices used to create illustrations, books and cushions

using colourful hand-stitching, machine embroidery and fabric appliqués.


You can choose from pre crafted bunnies, owls, cushions and greeting cards, ready to be delivered at your

door in a few days, or, you can commission a piece for your petite poppet’s nursery and Owens will use her

bright colours, unusual style and versatile use of appliqués to create a piece that will always remind your

little one how much you love them, even if they do shove the pillow under their bed along with their

favourite teddy the day they turn 12.


You can take a look at Chloe’s latest commission orders and other goodies at

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