Pitti Catwalk Report: Blauer USA AW11

Children’s fashion shows are far more charming than alarming, but that being said, seeing the professionalism of a three-year-old as they happily parade up and down the runway can sometimes seem a bit odd (though, to be fair, it is far more heart warming and cute, than odd).

After a few fashion shows that were on the ‘serious side’ (as serious as kids fashion can be), our final fashion show at Pitti Biimbo was a new brand AlexandAlexa.com will be carrying for AW11, Blauer USA.

The Blauer show featured professional child models that also doubled as professional dancers who broke up the traditional catwalk procession with impressive choreographed routines.

For the catwalk, the collection featured a huge variety of winter puffer coats and racer inspired leather jackets paired with casual jeans, cargo trousers, loungewear and industrial boots or converse inspired shoes, creating an overall look for the brand that is casual and practical – the perfect combination for kids.

Check out our pictures and videos from the show below and be sure to let us know what you think of the collection!

see more photos here

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