Talent Profile – Leilah Poulain, Artist Extraordinaire

Leilah Poulain features in our Back to School Campaign as one of our class of 2011. This seven year old has a remarkable story, how many of us can claim that we have had our painting exhibited in the London Saatchi Gallery?


Artist Extraordinaire, Leilah Poulain

Earlier this year Leilah’s mother accidentally submitted her daughter’s abstract penguin painting to the myDrawings.mecompetition. To their astonishment they received a phone call to say that Leilah had beaten 1,700 other entrants and that her painting would claim pride of place in London’s famous Saatchi Gallery. Since then Leilah’s story has become a media sensation covered by the BBC, the Sun, the Daily Mail, the independent and Metro.

Earlier this year Leilah demonstrated her other talents in modelling on our Back to School designer fashion shoot. Leilah did a great job of interacting with the set without dripping any paint on her pretty Dior dress.  Leilah Poulain wears a Dior Navy Dress for girls over a long sleeved Dior Coral Dress. The Head scarf she wears is from Paul Smith Junior. To shop this and other Back to School Designer kids clothes head to AlexandAlexa.com


Leilah has been hard at work this summer on her upcoming exhibition to be held at The Gallery in Torquay. Some of the collection will be for sale but sadly not the penguin picture.

leilah-poulain-painting in armarda park

Leilah Poulain at work in Armarda Park


Exhibition details

“Skipping with Daisy Chains – By Leilah Poulain”

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th October

The Gallery, 90 Belgrave Road, Torquay, Devon TQ2 5HZ

Tel: 01803 214 222


The myDrawings.me website, a safe online space for children to store and display their artwork. Such a great way to sharing the latest drawings with a tech savvy grandma or travelling parent.


Leilah features in and appears on the cover of this month’s A&A Magazine.


Is your child an artistic genius? Take our fun quiz to discover your Back to School Profile!


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