Capture the cuteness with this game changing brand from Australia.  Since 2009 Mischka Aoki has been creating special ranges of limited items that take fashion for girls to the next level. Lucky shoppers that participate in our ‘Be Our Buyer’ scheme will have a chance to make use of our exclusive 50% off introductory offer on a selection of dresses for Mischka Aoki.

The dresses are known for being beautifully finished with standout details such as handmade finishing, Swarovski crystals or tulle roses. Mischka Aoki is fast making a name for themselves in the Australian fashion Industry, they were the only children’s range to be featured alongside adult ranges at the Perth Fashion Week 2010.

Sign up to our mailing list if you haven’t already to receive a secret email link to the sale this Friday 2 December. Get in quick; this is a rare opportunity to pick up a beautiful Mischka Aoki creation at half price! The sale will only run for 72 hours or while stocks last.

The other brands to feature in Project B.O.B this week at Tom & Drew (Boys), Trommpo (Babies) and Love Made Love (Girls and Boys).



Be Our Buyer Sale

35 Responses to “PROJECT B.O.B FEATURE: Mischka Aoki”

  1. Krystyna Stafford says:

    OMG, how beautiful, that’s looks spectacular!

  2. Cherie Mays says:

    So glad we can finally have this brand in the UK!!!!

  3. Onie Shea says:

    Speechless!! Just divine!

  4. Julieann Munshower says:

    oh, how precious! i’d love to steal one of these dresses! :)

  5. Stephani Jolce says:

    These are absolutely too adorable!!!

  6. Penni Cribbs says:

    Oh those dresses are so lovely

  7. Terina Mccallum says:

    holy moly this is adorable!!

  8. Gena Meyers says:


  9. Thomas Jennings says:

    Beautifully designed dressess, very high quality with attention to detail to match.

  10. Mathilde Armitage says:

    I am beyond in love….

  11. Sandee Newman says:

    absolutely gorgeous! keep the brand pretty please :)

  12. Sonja Altmann says:

    OMG I wish they had these when I was a little girl !

  13. Tracie Burney says:

    WOW!!! Never seen anything like these. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Vennie Schuck says:

    Love love love!!!!

  15. Feelix says:

    I liked this mischka designs and i want to buy from this brands for my litle princes.

  16. Katarina says:

    Mischka Aoki #1 ;) )

  17. Nakita Moore says:

    Always a big fan of this brand! My daughter loves all their dresses and cant wait to get some more.. Would you guys have their SS11 collection on sale? They’re gorgeous!!!

  18. Earlene Pratt says:

    I am absolutely in awe!!! loving all of them

  19. Emeline Elder says:


  20. Dominica Mcfall says:

    super cute dresses!!!

  21. Tangela West says:

    I want to wear all of them ! They are so pretty !
    Do they make gorgeous style for adults too :P

  22. Marion Laurence says:

    Loving their unique style

  23. Melissa Harding says:

    I want one of these for myself! That white dress is so adorable!

  24. New designers childrenswear clothing all looks fab especially Mischka Aoki!!

  25. Lorraine Elliott says:

    This is stunning!

  26. Kathryn Jube says:

    A friend of mine sent me this link… Why didnt we know this brand earlier??!! Gorjusss!

  27. Alene Sherlock says:

    I wish they had these when I was a little girl!

  28. Kendal Bennett says:

    Wish I had a little girl :) this just beautiful.

  29. Marylynn Garland says:

    this dresses are amazing!

  30. Marisha Rose says:

    That white tutu dress very pretty! like like like

  31. Ronda Bode says:

    I never seen such a beautiful dresses…..

  32. Desire Oneal says:

    So excited when can i start buying these dresses

  33. AlexandAlexa says:

    Hi Desire,

    I will sign you up to our list to receive the email on Friday morning

  34. Melissa says:

    yayyy bought few dresses yesterday!!!! soo prettyy i cant wait to received them ^_^

  35. ariel says:

    Never seen anything quite like this! you gotta have this brand.. loving it so far!

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