PROJECT B.O.B Feature: Tom & Drew

Boys will be boys, which is why Tom & Drew create clothes that allow them to ‘be boys in style’. Lucky shoppers that participate in our ‘Be Our Buyer’ scheme will have a chance to make use of our exclusive 50% off introductory offer on a selection on items from the current Tom & Drew AW11 collection.

The creations of American designer Alexia Panza give a contemporary twist to classic styles with special details such as sewn in Bulldog cufflinks. This collection is characterised by classically cut waistcoats and blazers. Look out for sumptuous velvet, faux fur, alpaca hair, silk and cute bow tie accessories. Tom & Drew is a favourite of the celebrities and has been spotted being worn by the children of stars such as Angelia Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum.


The other brands to feature in Project B.O.B this week at Tom & Drew (Boys), Trommpo (Babies), Love Made Love (Girls and Boys)  and Mischka Aoki (Girls).

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4 Responses to “PROJECT B.O.B Feature: Tom & Drew”

  1. nana says:

    i like this brand, and i will buy something on december 2!!! please send me all information about this brand news!!!

  2. Monie Pang says:

    is good

  3. Monie Pang says:

    Is likes but can be made more big size

  4. Therese Mariano says:


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