Munster Kids T4T Charity

This season, Munster Kids has continued its charitable T4T initiative, which aims to help orphans in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Each season, Munster Kids commissions an artist to design a series of original prints for Munster’s T4T Shirts. For this season, Munster chose New York based artist Matthew Langille, who has worked for the likes of Swatch and Marc Jacobs.

Each T-shirt sporting Matthew’s design supports the T4T charity efforts when purchased – so, for each shirt sold, Munster donates a matching shirt to an orphaned child in the areas they support.

Due to the success of the project, Munster has managed to donate over 1500 tees and jumpers to kids in need, and next season they will broaden the initiative to include T 4 bikes and T 4 books.

For now though, to support this charity, the Mikey Matthews T4T Graphic Tee is available online at for £22.00.

Let us know what you think of this initiative and please post pictures of your little one in the shirt if you choose to take part!

You can find the T4T shirt HERE

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