Dominos Table

In this month’s U.K Vogue, hidden on the very last page, is a family friendly table that is anything but boring.

The table, called the DOMINOS TABLE, was created by Berlin based design label ‘neue  tische’ in celebration of their first year anniversary.

Since it’s invention, it has received attention from all the right places by combining design and communication in an aesthetically pleasing and playful way.

Its steel frame supports a colourful matrix of domino pieces that can be removed and re arranged at leisure – meaning you and the kids can design your own mosaic of dominos in infinite combinations.

The DOMINOS TABLE will be available as a limited edition created by the designers and as a tailor made commissioned piece.

You can check out this clever piece of entertaining and practical art at

Get The Look: Kingston Rossdale

Kingston Rossdale must have inherited his parents’ dominant ‘best dressed’ gene, as the handsome little rock star has been a trendsetter since birth, and anyone interested in kids’ fashion knows it.

We came across yet another great picture of Kingston in some rather familiar clothing while searching on Google for some historical information on the UGG brand, and,  since we have all the elements for this London friendly outfit in stock, we thought we ought to share them with you in case your little one likes to emulate that ‘Laidback London Look’ Kingston pulls off so well.

UGG classic chestnut boot

JUNIOR GAUTIER red and white striped sailor top

SCOTCH & SODA detachable green parka

RALPH LAUREN grey elasticised tracksuit bottoms

WP SlimStat